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10/28/17 - After Yuli Gurriel's suspension, Chief Wahoo should be next        Cleveland, Ohio/National

10/27/17 - UI students protest Chief Illiniwek at Homecoming Parade     Illinois

10/26/17 - Illinois Student Government boycotts Homecoming Parade over Chief     Illinois

10/20/17 - At Monday's Eagles game, demanding an end to use of 'Redskins'     Philadelphia, PA/Washington, DC/National

10/19/17 - Board to review Wells mascot and logo in response to complaints that Native Americans were mocked     Maine

10/18/17 - Winoma State University addresses images of Native Americans        Minnesota

10/18/17 - Native American Parent Says Chants, War Paint At Maine High School Game Were Racist     Maine

10/16/17 - Drums, whoops and war paint: Team spirit, or racial mockery?       Maine

10/13/17 - Perspective: When racism enters realm of South Dakota sports       South Dakota

10/12/17 - Sturgis Homecoming Cancelled Amid Racist Photo Investigation       South Dakota    

10/12/17 - Sturgis high school forfeits football game after racist posts       South Dakota

10/12/17 - Redface will no longer be part of annual Wellsville ‘Sham Battle,’ committee decides        Utah

10/09/17 - Columbus Day? In More Than 50 Cities, It's Indigenous Peoples Day.       National

10/08/17 - Here Are The Cities That Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day Instead of Columbus Day     National

10/05/17 - DC Council member says ‘Columbus Day’ needs to go       Washington, DC/National

09/28/17 - Decision to keep Indian as SM North mascot frustrates local members of Native American tribes       Kansas

09/27/17 - The Washington Football Team Needs To Do More Than Take A Knee       Washington, DC/National

09/26/17 - American Indian Smithsonian Director calls it ‘aggravating’ the Redskins owner positions himself as a social justice advocate    Washington, DC/National

09/23/17 - Push is on to remove “Redskins” as sport team mascot name         Michigan

09/22/17 - Parade float reaps negative feedback         Oklahoma  

09/22/17 - Indian mascot plagues Cleveland baseball team         Cleveland, Ohio/National

09/22/17 - The Rock at Michigan State University repainted to draw attention to offensive mascot names         Michigan

09/20/17 - Student campaigns to keep Raiders name, dump Native American symbols       New Jersey

09/19/17 - Portland adopts 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'         Maine

9/14/17 -  Fans drape ‘Racism is as American as baseball’ sign over Green Monster       Massachusetts  

09/12/17 - Statue of Christopher Columbus in Central Park vandalized      New York

09/11/17 - Tribe Calls on Utah City to End Annual Battle Reenactment          Utah

09/08/17 - Oak Park approves Indigenous Peoples Day       Illinois   

09/08/17 - Ithaca passes resolution for Indigenous Peoples' Day       New York

09/07/17 - Hockey team retires its stereotypic "Chief" mascot after 20 years             British Columbia, Canada

09/07//17 - Native American groups call Wellsville Sham Battle an ‘ignorant’, ‘racist portrayal’       Utah

09/05/17 - Petition to change ‘Warrior’ mascot     South Carolina

09/04/17 - Mascot debate heats up at a Wentzville High School         Missouri

09/02/17 - School bans "Indian" headdresses from games but allows "Tribe" cheering section and "Redskins" gear        Maryland

09/01/17 - Gov. Scott To Proclaim Oct. 9 As Indigenous Peoples' Day This Year     Vermont

08/30/17 - L.A. City Council replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day on city calendar         California

08/30/17  - Cleveland team seemingly at odds with baseball league may drop "Chief Wahoo" icon     Cleveland, Ohio/National

08/29/17 - Public school in NFL team's backyard bars "Redskins" gear           Maryland

08/25/17 - University of Illinois "Fighting Illini" terminates "war chant" music at games       Illinois

08/25/17 - 1950s post office mural depicting Native American Indians as cruel causes controversy - New Hampshire

08/22/17 - Yale to remove carving with gun pointed at Native American        Connecticut

08/18/17 - Amusement park removes carousel cowboy horse showing Indigenous man's head in bag         Quebec, Canada

08/18/17 - Handful of remaining diehard public schools retain dehumanizing "Indian" sports team icons        Maine

08/17/17 - Native American groups, D.C. council member seek removal of memorials to racist Redskins founder          Washington, D.C./National

08/08/17 - Supporter of public school's "Indian" sports team token wants to keep it with modifications       Massachusetts  

07/26/17 - The NFL Needs to Stop Promoting a Racial Slur        Washington, DC/National  

07/24/18 - Racist graffiti hits Pennsylvania county with school district using ethnic slur sports team name          Pennsylvania

07/24/17 - Twenty Years of Fighting Native American Mascots with “In Whose Honor?”          Illinois/National

07/22/17 - Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo Dropped from Topps Cards            Cleveland, Ohio/National

07/17/17 - Mohawks Out, Mustangs In...Marcola District Continues Transition To New Mascot        Oregon

07/12/17 - Director of the National Museum of the American Indian speaks out against the D.C. sports franchise         Washington, DC/National  

07/09/17 - Massena school district begins look at changing name, mascot           New York

07/08/17 - Washington Post reiterates opposition to Washington team name                Washington, DC/National  

07/06/17 - What's Next For The Founder Of The Slants, And The Fight Over Racial Slurs                Washington, DC/National  

06/28/17 - Original architect and project designer of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. fighting to keep Indians logo out of Canada         Canada

06/27/17 - "If you need a court to issue a ruling protecting hate speech to protect your name, it’s a sign that you should change the name"
 Washington, DC/National

06/23/17 - MI senator aims to ban use of Redskins mascot         Michigan

06/23/17 - One year later: Fighting Hawk logo to appear on UND hockey jerseys           North Dakota

06/22/17 - Why Racially Offensive Trademarks Are Now Legally Protected           Washington, DC/National

06/22/17 - State says School District with "Willie the Warrior" mascot not in compliance with Native American mascot reporting     Oregon

06/20/17 - Supreme Court pushes Redskins' name fight back to society                Washington, DC/National

National Congress of American Indians and Change the Mascot Respond to Disappointing Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Derogatory Trademark

An Open Letter to "The Slants:" Reclaiming racist stereotypes for yourself isn’t political or edgy when it harms the very people to whom you owe your basic political rights

06/19/17 - Ohio group vows to keep pressure on Indians logo despite Supreme Court ruling          Ohio

06/19/17 - Continued use of controversial former mascot causing tension among Massena Central student body          New York

06/15/17 - Controversial mascots impact on students in the U.P.        Michigan

06/17/17 - Tribes slam use of ‘redskins’        Michigan

06/06/17 - Toronto complaint against Chief Wahoo moves forward in court         Canada

05/09/17 - Louis Sockalexis' Tribe Angry About Chief Wahoo, Logo Obviously Does Not "Honor" His Legacy     Maine/Cleveland, Ohio/National

05/04/17 - Native Americans Decry Appropriation of Their History, Culture      National

05/03/17 - National Congress of American Indians condemns President Donald Trump’s derogatory use of the name “Pocahontas” in attacking a political opponent           Washington, DC/National   

04/19/17 - Redskins owner Daniel Snyder donated $1 million to Trump’s inaugural festivities   Washington, DC/National

04/16/17 - Time to retire Chief Wahoo - Beacon Journal editorial board       Cleveland, Ohio

04/12/17 -
Commissioner Starts to Press Cleveland Indians About Logo         Cleveland, Ohio/National

03/17/17 - District considering next moves after tribe rescinds permission for use of Indian mascot, but no timetable in place      Oklahoma

03/15/17 -  State Superintendent seeks authority to fine schools that don't drop offensive mascots      Michigan

02/15/17 -  School committee voted to remove Turners Falls High School ‘Indians’ mascot    Massachusetts

02/10/17 - After 90 Years, Rural Oregon School District To Drop Indian Mascot        Oregon

02/09/17 - Legislators look at retiring Native American mascots        Massachusetts

02/09/17 - Redskins   mascot debate continues after Paw Paw school board votes 4-3 to retain it       Michigan

02/08/17 - Conrad Redskins now the Red Wolves      Delaware

02/08/17 - Rob Manfred having ongoing talks with Indians about Chief Wahoo         Cleveland, Ohio

02/06/17 - Grosso, Moon to Snyder: Fund your own stadium or move 'racist'-named team to another state        D.C./National 

02/01/17 - Parents ask state to retire Native American mascots        Massachusetts

01/20/17 - Controversy brewing over Whiteland Warrior school mascot       Indiana

01/19/17 - GTA school boards to review Indigenous team names, mascots and logos      Ontario, Canada

01/18/17 - Redskin’ mascot debate raises tempers at Paw Paw High       Michigan

01/03/17 - New state-tribe agreement may help schools nix Native American mascots       Michigan


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12/20/16 - Belding School District abandons its Redskins mascot     Michigan
See 15 pages of resolutions favoring changes like Belding's that the school district used to make its decision.

12/14/16 - BCSD to remove controversial mascots       California

11/18/16 - 13,000 Member Sociologists' Association Urges MLB Commish to Rid Baseball of Native Nicknames, Logos         Cleveland, Ohio
Read the American Sociological Association letter here.

11/14/16 - It’s time for Cleveland to retire Chief Wahoo and the Indians name         Cleveland, Ohio
Editorial from Maine recalls the team's relationship to Louis Sockalexis, a Penobscot man and native of that state

11/04/16 - Cleveland would win by ditching its chief        Cleveland, Ohio

11/02/16 - Lane Tech Student Paper To Drop Native American Symbols From Logo            Chicago, Illinois

11/01/16 - Field Museum artists decry Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo         Chicago, Illinois/Cleveland, Ohio

11/01/16 - Top Native American Group Wants To Meet With MLB, Cleveland Indians Over Chief Wahoo Logo         Cleveland, Ohio

10/31/16 - ‘We can do better’: Ontario minor baseball team drops Indians name                   Alvinston, Ontario, Canada

10/29/16 - Cleveland’s Unthinking Racism       Cleveland, Ohio

10/29/16 - Ohio school apologizes for 'Trail of Tears' sign, blames 'ignorance'       Ohio

10/28/16 - MLB Commish Says Chief Wahoo Could Go, Casting Hope for Native American Movement        Cleveland, Ohio

10/28/16 - Why Redskins is a dirty word, on weekend Washington come to London          London, England/Washington, D.C./National

10/28/16 - Maine’s Penobscots tell Cleveland: Win the Series, great, but lose the logo       Cleveland, Ohio

10/28/16 - How racist is the Cleveland Indians' mascot? Very.       Cleveland, Ohio

10/28/16 - Cleveland Indians keep racist mascot because of money      Cleveland, Ohio

10/27/16 - World Series puts Cleveland’s controversial mascot on the national stage       Cleveland, Ohio

10/26/16 - Cleveland Area Health Care System Asks Employees Not to Wear Wahoo-Branded Indians Gear       Cleveland, Ohio

10/26/16 - Commissioner: MLB to discuss oft-criticized Cleveland logo    Cleveland, Ohio/National

10/26/16 - Don't root, root, root for the racist, red-face team from Cleveland     Cleveland, Ohio

10/26/16 - World Series Can't Outrun Objections to Cleveland Indians' Red-Skinned Logo   Cleveland, Ohio/National

10/25/16 - The problem with Native American team names and logos       Washington/National

10/14/16 - Baseball playoffs put team’s racist name, mascot in spotlight    Cleveland, Ohio

10/25/16 - Time for Indians to Drop 'Chief Wahoo'      Cleveland, Ohio

10/24/16 - Editorial: It's time for the Cleveland Indians to finally retire their racist logo        Cleveland, Ohio

10/23/16 - Indians should quit hedging, retire Chief Wahoo completely       Cleveland, Ohio

10/22/16 - Battle Over Indians’ Name and Logo Moves to the World Series     Cleveland, Ohio

10/21/16 - Cleveland Indians logo should be a chief concern to all          Cleveland, Ohio

10/21/16 - Yale criticized for use of Dartmouth Indian images          Connecticut

10/20/16 - SDSU professor revives fight to change Aztec mascot        California

10/19/16 - Belding school board hears more mascot feedback          Michigan

10/17/16 - NDSU president calls for end of 'hateful' Sioux chant at Bison football games         North Dakota

10/14/16 - Baseball playoffs put team’s racist name, mascot in spotlight    Cleveland, Ohio

10/13/16 - HuffPost Canada Will Not Be Using Racist Sports Team Names      Canada/Cleveland, Ohio

10/13/16 - Eagles' Native American guard Allen Barbre won't use the R-word             Philadelphia/Washington, D.C./National

10/13/16 - ‘It’s time for a change’: Belding’s mascot debate continues       Michigan

10/12/16 - Group calls for change of mascot in Paw Paw       Michigan

10/11/16 - Yale apologizes for republishing racist Native American illustrations on football program       Connecticut

10/08/16 - Indians mascot Chief Wahoo relegated to the bench at Progressive Field    Cleveland, Ohio

10/07/16 -
Vermont ditches Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples' Day     Vermont

10/03/16 - Supreme Court rejects trademark appeal from Washington Redskins          Washington, DC/National

10/03/16 - Supreme Court refuses to hear Redskins appeal in trademark case          Washington, DC/National

09/30/16 - Supreme Court picks case with implications for Redskins          Washington, DC/National
09/16/16 - The destructive dynamic of dehumanizing Native Americans     National

09/16/16 - Public school disassembles "Scalp the Indians" float featuring dead "Indian" laid out in covered wagon   Oklahoma

09/16/16 - Native Americans protest Bartlesville Indian festival; say "dirty" funds used are from  theWashington NFL team      Oklahoma

09/15/16 - Sorry, Redskins fans: Native American mascots increase racial bias      Washington, DC/National

09/13/16 - New research shows how Native American mascots reinforce stereotypes      Washington, DC/National
Read the study's summary: Activating Stereotypes with Brand Imagery: The Role of Viewer Political Identity

08/25/16 - The real history of Native American team names     National

08/15/16 - Don't Give Public Funds to the Washington Redskins     Virginia

06/22/16 -
'Determined hawk' adopted as new UND Fighting Hawks logo        North Dakota

06/17/16 - Criticism of UNM seal continues at forum             New Mexico

06/16/16 - Sidwell Friends bans Washington Redskins-themed clothing as offensive          Washington. DC

06/14/16 -
Watertown does the right thing       South Dakota

06/13/16 -Neshaminy High School revokes student newspaper editor's access to post and edit online stories       Pennsylvania

06/10/16 -
Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ attack leaves fellow Republicans squirming (again)        USA/National

06/09/16 - Onteora Indian mascot to be replaced by eagle          New York

06/09/16 - Anti-‘Redskins’ advocates are not ready to throw in the towel         USA/National

06/07/16 -
Cambridge votes to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day        Massachusetts
06/02/16 -
Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council opposes Washington Redskins' team name            South Dakota

06/01/16 -
In National Politics, Native Americans Deserve a Seat, Not a Slur          Seattle, Washington,

05/31/16 - Not offended by Redskins? Then let’s bring back more of the team’s offensive acts.      Washington, DC

05/31/16 - How Do Native Americans Really Feel About the Washington Redskins Nickname? Don’t Use the Phone     Washington, DC

05/27/16 - Swift Reaction To Washington Post Poll On Washington Football Team Name    Washington, DC

02/03/16 - At Brown University, Columbus Day Is Now Indigenous People’s Day         Rhode Island

02/02/16 - Dartmouth Greek Leadership Council explicitly bans display of Indian head imagery in Greek houses       New Hampshire

01/29/16 - Loveland High continues Indian mascot discussions          Colorado

01/29/15 - Hall, Conard T-Shirts With Native American Imagery Cause Stir          Connecticut

01/27/16 - Tewksbury debates fate of Redmen mascot            Massachusetts

01/27/16 - Amherst College Drops Mascot Criticized As Offensive         Massachusetts

01/23/16 - Whitesboro drops 'racist' seal: Sign of the times for Native Americans?             New York

01/22/16 - In Amesbury, Indian mascot gets second look        Massachusetts

01/14/16 - Association urges dropping of teams' nicknames, mascots that portray Native American stereotypes      South Dakota

01/05/15 - Goshen retires Redskins mascot, begins using RedHawks name        Indiana



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12/24/15 - Eaton teacher: Gov. Hickenlooper’s Native American mascot commission brings stakeholders       Colorado

12/18/15 - What's In A Name: Washington Redskins Controversy       Washington, DC/National

12/11/15 - Sachem mascot to be studied      Massachusetts

12/09/15 - Tewksbury Divided by Mascot Issue     Massachusetts

12/07/15 - 90 Schools Have Reached Out To adidas For Mascot Assistance           National

12/06/15 - Spaulding's Red Raider mascot faces scrutiny         New Hampshire

12/06/15 - Another Oklahoma school asked to change teams' nickname         Oklahoma

12/04/15 - Student club wants the 'Indian' removed             New York

12/03/15 - A Native American Parent Confronts a Pervasive NFL Slur             Maryland

11/28/15 - St. Paul schools consider ban on Washington Redskins gear                Minnesota

11/24/15 - Why Washington players may finally kill the 'Redskins' name for good                Washington, D.C./National

11/24/15 - U.S. Labor Department Civil Rights Center asks employees to voluntarily not sport Washington NFL team gear    Washington, D.C./National

11/18/15 - Native Americans embrace UND's new team name           North Dakota

11/17/15 - Adidas : offer of help gives Eaton excellent chance to change cartoon Native American mascot         Colorado

11/16/15 - Goshen School Board approves new mascot to replace longtime Redskins moniker           Indiana

11/15/15 - Stop using offensive indigenous mascots in sports, Justice Murray Sinclair says            Canada
Head of Truth and Reconciliation Commission says team names such as the Redskins and cartoonish aboriginal mascots have no place in Canada.

11/14/15 - Native Americans outmuscled by money in Redskins debate                 Washington, D.C./National

11/05/15 - Obama backs effort to remove Native American mascots from sports teams                Washington, D.C./National

11/05/15 - Adidas Offers Services to High Schools Willing to Change Native American Mascots        Germany/USA National/International

10/30/15 - Catholic School Changes Mascot from Indians to Lions        Connecticut
10/30/15 - CT Schools Must Move On From Racist Indian Team Names        Connecticut

10/28/15 - Will ‘Warriors’ be the next mascot targeted?         California

10/28/15 - UND narrows team name vote to  Fighting Hawks, Roughriders and Nodaks        North Dakota
No deaths reported as a result of pending change from the "Fighting Sioux"   

10/27/15 - City councillor to ask Morden Redskins to change 'derogatory' name           Morden, Manitoba Canada

10/26/15 - Debate Over Washington Redskins Name Comes to County Elementary School       Maryland

10/26/15 - Rochester woman asks Spaulding to change mascot     New Hampshire

10/23/15 - Tampa Bay Times Sports reporter Tom Jones says "It's time to change Redskins' nickname."    Florida/National/Washington, D.C.   

10/21/15 - Napa High Indians mascot targeted by activists      California

10/19/15 - Mascot protests continue     Minnesota
Opponents of American Indian mascots gathered Sunday to protest the Kansas City Chiefs at TCF Bank Stadium. 

10/16/15 - Native American groups to protest Kansas City Chiefs nickname at Vikings game                    Minnesota

10/16/15 - Lawsuit filed to stop nickname vote; UND says it won't affect process             North Dakota

10/15/15 - Students Want Schools To Reconsider Native American Mascots              National/Washington, D.C.
Obama Administration Says  "It’s still a slap in the face every time."     

10/14/15 - Dartmouth Provost Calls Students 'Cowardly' For Anonymous Columbus Day Indian Flyers         New Hampshire
The flyers featured products promoting a logo the school dropped four decades ago included a "jock strap" and drinking flask.

10/15/15 - Offensive American Indian mascots get in the way of building mutual respect, common purpose.         South Dakota

10/13/15 - Alaska Is First State to Rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day       Alaska

10/13/15 - Native American Group Cheers California Ban of "Redskins" Mascot       California/National          

10/13/15 - Denver Joins at Least Nine Other Cities by Changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day       Colorado

10/11/15 - California Becomes First State To Ban 'Redskins' Team Name          California/National
"This issue is not going away."
10/11/15 - History made as California Gov. signs bill to bar ethnic slur team name used by state's public schools      California/National

10/07/15 - Portland to recognize 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'     Oregon

10/07/15 - Change the Mascot Praises Colorado Governor and Lawmakers for Action on Native Mascots        Colorado/New York

10/06/15 - Colorado governor creates task force on American Indian mascots       Colorado
Article includes full text of the governor's executive order

10/06/15 - Lawrence mayor declares Oct. 12 Indigenous Peoples' Day in place of Columbus Day        Kansas

10/05/15 - Oneida Indian Nation blasts Donald Trump for defending Washington Redskins     New York/Washington, D.C./National

10/05/15 - Change the Mascot Campaign Responds to Donald Trump’s Support of Washington Team Name     Washington, D.C./National

10/05/15 - Donald Trump: Redskins a 'positive' name, Washington shouldn't change      Washington, D.C./National

09/30/15 -Eagles remove 'Redskins' from media guide this week     Philadelphia, PA/Washington, D.C./National

09/30/15 - Change the Mascot Rebuffs Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Over His Stated Support for NFL Team’s Racist Name       
Washington, D.C./National

09/30/15 - Jeb Bush Just Gave A Middle Finger To The Entire Native American Community      Washington, D.C./National

09/30/15 - Jeb Bush Got $100,000 From Washington ‘Redskins’ Owner, Says Team Name Not Offensive       Washington, D.C./National

09/24/15 - Daniel Snyder can't see that the future is here       Washington, D.C./National

09/24/15 - Skowhegan Indians Pride rally set for Columbus Day     Maine
Critics of the school's Indians mascot and nickname, particularly Maine's Indians, say the timing of the rally is insulting.

09/24/15 - Local Goshen alumni can make mascot suggestions starting Friday    Indiana
Goshen Community Schools board members voted July 27 to retire the “Redskins” nickname, effective Jan. 1.

09/23/15 - Bill to ban Redskins mascots on governor’s desk     California

09/17/15 - ‘Scalp towel’ Facebook post highlights Skowhegan’s problem of tamping down ‘Indians’ controversy        Maine

09/14/15 - State to re-examine Native mascots      Colorado

09/10/15 - Bill to ban Redskins  in California schools passes State Assembly, awaits Governor's signature   California/Washington, D.C./National      

09/10/15 - Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians cease relationship with the Washington NFL team     North Carolina/Washington, D.C./National

09/09/15 - Sen. Harry Reid: Redskins owner Daniel Snyder ‘tried to bribe’ some of Nevada’s Native Americans   Nevada/Washington, D.C./National

09/04/15 - Native American Rodeo Breaks With DC Football Team's Charity Over ‘Racial Slur’ Name      Montana/Washington, D.C./National
The Indian National Finals Rodeo is the latest organization to reject money from the Washington team's charitable arm.

09/03/15 -The Washington Redskins are an embarrassment of unfathomable proportions       Washington, D.C./National      

08/19/15 - West Hartford High Schools Get New, Non-Native American Logos            Connecticut

08/14/15 - Saint Paul joins growing list of metro areas that have renamed Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples Day”           Minnesota

08/12/15 - EMU To Remove ‘Hurons’ Logo Depicting Native American From Band Uniforms        Michigan

08/06/15 - Wabanaki, supporters to rally at Skowhegan’s River Fest tonight            Maine

08/05/15 - Native American tribe votes to reject $25,000 offered by Washington Redskins foundation       South Dakota/Washington, D.C./National

08/04/15 - 'Wall Street Journal' Column Claims Mascots Honor Native Americans; This Native American Begs to Differ       National

08/04/15 - Help offered in paying for Goshen mascot change         Indiana

08/03/15 - 8 Schools That Have Dropped the Name Washington's NFL Team Still Won't Change       National
Indiana's Goshen High School became the latest to ditch the controversial mascot last week.

08/03/15 - Designers of that 2004 Annenberg survey on the Redskins name: The sample was unrepresentative        Washington, D.C./National

08/01/15 - Why so many people defend the Goshen Redskins mascot         Indiana

07/31/15 - Defenders of the Washington Redskins name sound exactly like defenders of the Confederate flag did        Washington, D.C./National
Backers of each one cite heritage, history and a catchy song.

07/30/15 - North Side joins tide in jettisoning an offensive mascot         Indiana

07/29/15 - Goshen High School joins trend of schools across country in retiring mascot name         Indiana
07/29/15 - OUR VIEW: Let's make the best of the nickname decision         Indiana

07/28/15 - Yet another U.S. high school is dropping its ‘Redskins’ moniker         Indiana

07/27/15 - Wabanaki representatives plan Thur. Aug. 6 rally at Skowhegan’s Moonlight Madness       Maine

07/27/15 - Goshen Redskins mascot to be retired Jan. 1, 2016         Indiana
The school board has not yet picked a new mascot, but students and community members have asked to be a part of the process

7/11/15- HUD Secretary Julián Castro: Washington, D.C. NFL Team Name Offensive             Washington, D.C./National

07/09/15 - Change the Washington football team’s insulting name              Washington, D.C./National
Washington Post editorial board calls for retirement of NFL team's ethnic slur icon

07/09/15 - Confederate flag coming down, but what about symbols offensive to Native Americans?               Washington, D.C./National

07/09/15 - How Native American youth brought Obama to tears               Washington, D.C./National

07/08/15 - Federal judge orders cancellation of Redskins’ trademark registrations               Washington, D.C./National
07/08/15 - Change the Mascot Posts Response to Ruling Ordering Cancellation of R*dskins Trademark              Washington, D.C./National

0707/15 - Mayor of Whitesboro, N.Y., Insists His Village's Seal Is Not Racist            New York

07/07/15 - Mascot fight continues in Lancaster           Lancaster, New York

07/02/15 - Student-led push leads Madison to ban Native American sports team imagery              Wisconsin

07/02/15 - Our View: Native American mascots' time is over             Oregon  

07/01/15 - Obama administration rebuffs D.C.’s efforts to bring back the Redskins               Washington, D.C./National

06/30/15 - 'Chief Wahoo' and 'Redskins' must go, United Church of Christ says during synod           Ohio, Washington, D.C./National

06/29/15 - United Church of Christ calls for Washington Redskins to change name     Washington, D.C./National

06/29/15 - Alaska's largest tribe vows FedEx boycott until Redskins sponsorship revoked         Alaska, Washington, D.C./National

06/28/15 - Skowhegan ‘Indians’ mascot conflict continues behind the scenes            Maine

06/23/15 - Education committee supports school nickname ban               California

06/23/15 - Native Americans seek trade board ban of Redskins name      Washington, D.C./National

06/23/15 - Does Supreme Court ruling on Confederate license plates bolster case against Redskins trademark?      Washington, D.C./National

06/22/15 - Redskins mascot debate packs Goshen school board meeting with supporters, opposition             Indiana

06/21/15 - Middle school begins process of replacing Braves as its mascot           Oregon

06/19/15 - Washington football fans are as guilty of cultural appropriation as Rachel Dolezal       Washington, D.C./National

06/19/15 - How the Redskins name controversy wound up in a Supreme Court dissent       Washington, D.C./National  

06/18/15 - School Committee decides to forgo logo             Massachusetts    

06/17/15 - Secretary  of U.S. Education Dept.,  Arne Duncan, Calls for Washington Football Team to Change Name        Washington, D.C./National

06/17/15 - California Advances Bill To Ban 'Redskins' Name                California

06/16/15 - E. Michigan asked to take 'Hurons' logo off band uniforms                 Michigan

06/14/15 - OUR VIEW: 'Redskin' nickname issue worthy of discussion in Goshen         Indiana

06/13/15 - New Lancaster board members take mascot fight to Internet radio           Lancaster, New York

06/09/15 - After Lancaster School Board approves new mascot, meeting turns nasty            Lancaster, New York
Tempers flare as Redskins supporters take to podium

06/0915 - Mascot debate re-addressed at BOE         Georgia

05/27/15 - Choosing life: Native American youth face higher suicide risk             New Mexico/National 

05/27/15 - Schools in Oregon, Wisconsin and Oklahoma the Latest to Take Action Against Racist R-Word Mascots             National 

05/26/15 - Madison School Board OKs ban on student attire with Indian mascots, logos               Wisconsin

05/23/15 - Native American mascots have to go by 2017, Oregon State Board of Education rules          Oregon

05/20/15 - It’s 2015. Why do 40 Mass. high schools still have Native American mascots?          Massachusetts

05/20/15 - Woman Who Agreed Native Americans Should 'Go Back to the Reservation' Elected to School Board             Lancaster, New York

05/20/15 - Pro-mascot candidates win seats in Lancaster      Lancaster, New York

05/19/15 - Arlington board majority asks football team to change Redskins name    Virginia, Washington, D.C./National

05/14/15 - Native American supporters come out for Redskins mascot removal at Conrad          Delaware

05/14/15 - Watertown school’s logo contest creates some heat          Massaschusetts

05/12/15 - Unending controversy: What Skowhegan gets from keeping its ‘Indians’ name          Maine     

05/10/15 - A case where teens recognize wrongs that adults ignore: Guest column    Neshaminy school district, 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania 

05/10/15 - A case where teens recognize wrongs that adults ignore: Guest column    Neshaminy school district, 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

05/08/15 - Skowhegan schools’ ‘Indians’ controversy not going away after vote          Maine
chool officials and advocates of changing the nickname say the issue is not over following 11-9 vote to keep the ‘Indians’  for sports teams' mascot

05/06/15 - Dispute over Neshaminy's 'Redskins' mascot nears hearing    Neshaminy school district, 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania-
School disregards Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission decision, keeps ethnic slur sports team  name

05/05/15 - Organizer of efforts to keep Skowhegan ‘Indians’ mascot changes mind          Maine

05/04/15 - Alejo bill aiming to ban 'Redskins' passes Assembly          California

05/04/15 - UND releases potential nickname suggestions            North Dakota

04/30/15 - Organization of American Historians calls on Redskins to change name, logo        National

04/30/15 - Watertown High School logo change sparks debate          Massachusetts 

04/29/15 - Senate committee kills American Indian mascots bill         Colorado
As expected, the bill died today in a Republican-controlled Senate committee

04/28/15 - State civil rights agency finds Neshaminy's use of ‘Redskins’ name ‘racially derogatory’        Neshaminy school district, 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

04/28/15 - How To Change A Racist Sports Team Name Near You    Canada/USA, National

04/27/15 - In Oklahoma City, Capitol Hill High School students are set to vote on new mascot              Oklahoma
Public Schools spokeswoman revealed the two finalists — the Red Wolves and the Guardians

04/24/15 - Last stand for ‘Redskins’?          California

04/23/15 - Native Actors Walk off Set of Adam Sandler Movie After Insults to Women, Elders       National

04/23/15 - Lancaster students roll out timeline for picking new mascot before graduation           Lancaster,  New York

04/21/15 - Anti-Redskins Bill Advances in California          California

04/21/15 - Ypsilanti man, Native American confronted dozens of EMU party-goers with 'red face'        Michigan

04/16/15 - April 18 March and Rally Scheduled in Minneapolis Against Cleveland Baseball Team Name and Logo         Minnesota

04/15/15 - Long-standing mascot at Wilmington school sparks controversy     Delaware

04/13/15 - Maine Indians try to persuade town to drop team name      Maine 

04/10/15 - Lancaster School Board Candidate Agrees Indians Should 'Go Back to the Reservation'       Lancaster, New York

04/10/15 - Native Americans protest Chief Wahoo logo at Cleveland Indians home opener         Ohio
Native American groups have protested the Indians’ grinning, red-faced logo for years, but the cries for change are only growing in volume
04/10/15 - Protesters Call For Indians To Change Nickname, Logo: ‘We Are People, Not Your Mascots’         Ohio

04/07/15 - Eastern New Mexico University Zias may change name       New Mexico

04/03/15 - Chief Wahoo and ‘The graceful exit of casual racism’       Ohio

04/02/15 - Lamar, home of the Savages, defends mascot as culture wars rage       Colorado

03/31/15 - Lancaster School Board to be honored for mascot name change           Lancaster,  New York

03/27/15 - AP is considering its policy on ‘Redskins          Washington, D.C./National

03/26/15 -             California

03/26/15 -  Tribal Council Indicts Chairwoman for Accepting Bribes from Washington, DC,  NFL Team's Organization - Utah/Washington, DC/National

03/25/15 - American Anthropological Association Takes a Stand in Native American Mascot Debate        National
American Anthropological Association Press Release

03/23/15 - Indian mascots bill passes first committee after emotional testimony             Colorado

03/23/15 - Native American mascots under debate in Colorado             Colorado

03/22/15 - Fireworks erupt over North Haven’s Indian mascot         Connecticut

03/21/15 - Lancaster mascot supporters on wrong side of history            Lancaster,  New York

03/21/15 - OUR VIEW: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly            Lancaster,  New York

03/19/15 - Conrad dropping Redskins nickname         Delaware

03/19/15 - Lancaster Board deserves standing ovation            Lancaster,  New York

03/18/15 - Lancaster schools made right move, now it’s time to get beyond divisive issue             Lancaster,  New York

03/18/15 - West Hartford Should Change Indian Names, Too         Connecticut

03/17/15 - West Hartford School Board Votes To Keep Names, Drop Native American Mascots         Connecticut

03/16/15 - Lancaster does away with Redskins mascot amid rivals' boycott             Lancaster,  New York
03/16/15 - Lancaster School Board votes to retire ‘Redskins’ name, mascot             Lancaster,  New York

03/16/15 - Native Americans: Indian mascots at Connecticut schools no symbol of pride          Connecticut

03/13/15 - Lancaster schools to hold special meeting on controversial name             Lancaster,  New York

03/12/15 - Lancaster faces another sports boycott; UB weighs in on issue             Lancaster,  New York

03/12/15 - North Haven’s passion for Indians name boils over at BOE meeting          Connecticut

03/11/15 - BHS student discusses Baldwin Braves mascot           Georgia

03/07/15 - High school lacrosse team being shunned over Redskins nickname             Lancaster, New York

03/07/15 - Second Buffalo-area school cancels lacrosse game with Lancaster over Redskins nickname             Lancaster,  New York

03/06/15 - Akron lacrosse team cancels game with “Redskins             Lancaster,  New York

03/04/15 - Division persists after mascot forum              Lancaster, New York
Rally by "Redskins" supporters fizzles, school board to continue studying issue

03/04/15 - Oklahoma City High School Narrows in on Replacement for 'Redskins' Mascot          Oklahoma

03/04/15 - Another American high school battles over its Redskins nickname          Lancaster,  New York/National

03/04/15 - Debate Over ‘Redskins’ as Nickname Trickles Down            Lancaster, New York/National

03/04/15 - Mascot debate heats up in Salem             Oregon

03/03/15 - Redskins’ reflects a history of violence and discrimination – a practice to be mourned, not promoted         Lancaster,  New York
Editorial board of student publication at SUNY Buffalo weighs in on mascot issue in nearby Lancaster public school district

03/03/15 - Supporters go to great lengths to keep Redskins mascot at Buffalo-area high school             Lancaster,  New York

03/01/15 - There’s no excuse for Lancaster to cling to nickname             Lancaster, New York

03/03/15 - Tribal backers, schools battle over mascots             Oregon

02/18/15 - Skowhegan cancels meeting over mascot, disappointing tribe     Maine

02/17/15 - Lancaster banner highlights upcoming fight over ‘Redskin’ mascot         Lancaster,  New York

02/13/15 - Native American Mascot Issue Stirs Strong Debate In West Hartford   Connecticut

02/13/15 - Md. private school bans use of the ‘R-word’ on campus to promote equality       Maryland

02/12/15 - John Swett High School In Crockett Drops ‘Indians’ Mascot     California

02/11/15 - NAACP asks school to drop Indian sports imagery, nickname         Maine

02/09/15 - United South and Eastern Tribes Endorse Bill to Revoke Trademarks of  D.C. NFL Team’s Name        Washington, D.C./National

02/08/15 - Fighting For A Positive Change        South Dakota

01/29/15 - Protesters ready to rally against Redskins name on Super Sunday     Arizona, Washington, D.C./National

01/29/15 - Suspects Who Hit Native American Kids With Racial Slurs, Beer Identified, Police Say     South Dakota

01/29/15 - The NFL 'Playbook' for Defending Racism Against American Indians     Washington, D.C./National

01/26/15 - Conard's Native American Mascot An Insult        Connecticut

01/23/15 - Could The Battle Over 'Redskins' Change Trademark Law?         Washington, D.C./National

01/21/15 - Redskins nickname is debated in Lancaster        New York

01/18/15 - Civil rights group closely allied with the NFL calls for the Redskins to change its name         Washington, D.C./National

01/15/15 - North Haven Residents Clash Over Fate of Mascot        Connecticut

01/14/15 - A Change Will Come         Washington, D.C./National

01/09/15 - Justice Department intervenes in Redskins trademark protection lawsuit         Washington, D.C./National

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12/30/14 - "Redskins" Mentions Down 27% On NFL Game Broadcasts In 2014         Washington, D.C./National

12/29/14 - 'Redskins’ school mascots would be phased out under bill       California

12/28/14 - At FedEx Field, Redskins name protesters exchange sharp words with fans         Maryland/Washington, D.C./National
12/28/14 - ‘No honor in racist names': Redskins stadium flooded with protests
        Maryland/Washington, D.C./National

12/21/14 - Couch slouch: Dan Snyder’s steady stream of failure         Washington, D.C./National

12/16/14 - Dave Letterman weighs in on Washington, DC, NFL team name.  Calls them "the Spuds."         Washington, D.C./National

12/11/14 - Change the Mascot Calls on Commissioner Roger Goodell to Adopt Proactive Stance on Racism By Implementing an NFL Owners Code of Conduct         Washington, D.C./National

12/10/14 - Native Americans Calling on Arizona Cardinals to Make Policy Against Headdresses, Redface         Arizona/Washington, D.C./National

12/10/14 - High school students walk out over 'Redskins' name change       Oklahoma

12/08/14 - School board unanimously votes to dismiss Redskins mascot        Oklahoma

12/01/14 - Snyder and His GM Try to Buy Native American Approval—No Go
         Washington, D.C./National
From Nonprofit Quarterly

11/30/14 - NFL fans, protesters come face-to-face outside Lucas Oil Stadium         Indiana/Washington, D.C./National

11/23/14 - Levi’s Stadium protesters urge Washington Redskins to change name         California/Washington, D.C./National

11/20/14 - Poll: 83% would not call Native American a 'redskin'          Washington, D.C./National

11/17/14 - Change the Name protest planned for NFL 49ers game against Washington          California/Washington, D.C./National

11/17/14 - Why Va. tribes have stayed out of Redskins name controversy         Virginia/Washington, D.C./National
Fear of political backlash with negative consequences is of concern

11/17/14 - Washington Redskins News: Team Self-Destructing As RG3 & DeSean Jackson Rip Teammates          Washington, D.C./National

11/15/14 - Ex-Navy SEAL who revealed he killed Osama bin Laden gives Redskins’ team big pre-game pep talk          Washington, D.C./National

11/15/14 - NFL Flagged With Another Challenge To Tax-Exempt Status Because Of Redskins          Washington, D.C./National

11/09/14 - When will NFL take a stand on Redskins nickname?           Washington, D.C./National

11/04/14 - Toxic Atmosphere Surrounding Redskins Is Turning the Franchise into a Joke           Washington, D.C./National
"The Redskins resemble Snyder. They've become smart alecks with an overly defiant approach to the media and an obnoxious approach to doing business."

11/03/14 - Phil Jackson tweets out support for Redskins protestors in Minnesota            Washington, D.C./National

11/03/14 - Washington Redskins Suing Native Americans Who Won Trademark Lawsuit Against Team's Name            Washington, D.C./National

11/03/14 - Redskins are less like a sport, more like a circus           Washington, D.C./National

11/03/14 - Redskins crash into controversy once again           Washington, D.C./National

11/03/14 - Change The Name: Dan Snyder Has Moral Obligation To Switch Redskins’ Mascot            Washington, D.C./National

11/02/14 - Washington Redskins controversy: Protesters ramp up pressure at Vikings game              Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National
11/02/14 - In Minnesota, thousands of Native Americans protest Redskins’ name              Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National
11/02/14 - Nickname protesters tell NFL: 'We are not mascots'
            Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National

10/31/14 - Minn. protest against DC football team's name could be largest ever              Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National

10/31/14 - Native American protest should force a re-think of Washington team name               Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National

10/31/14 - Advertising firm, protesters to take aim at Redskins name                Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National
View the 30 second TV spot  here: "No Honor in Racism" 

10/31/14 - Former Redskins QB Has Baffling Take On Team Name            Washington, D.C./National
10/31/14 - Jay Schroeder adds unusual twist to Washington Redskins nickname debate            Washington, D.C./National

10/30/14 - Washington Redskins are contacting South Dakota tribes            South Dakota/Washington, D.C./National

10/28/14 - Hispanic civil rights group calls on Dan Snyder to change Redskins name            Washington, D.C./National

10/28/14 - Hennepin County Calls for Redskins to Change Team Name                 Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National

10/28/14 - Navajo State Representative Wants Washington Redskins' Name Changed         Arizona/Washington, D.C./National

10/25/14 - Seeing red: Legislator promises bill that would endanger Native American mascots across Colorado, including Eaton Reds          Colorado

10/24/14 - Roger Staubach on Redskins: ‘If that name is derogatory to the Indian nation, I say get rid of it’         Washington, D.C./National

10/15/14 - Journalists Back Neshaminy Editors          Neshaminy school district, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Letter says school officials have “open contempt for fundamental American freedoms

10/15/14 - OKC District Examines ‘Redskins’ Name at High School              Oklahoma

10/14/14 - Changing Field: NPR Details New Guidelines On What To Call That Washington Football Team         Washington, D.C./National
"I suspect that, in practice, NPR will rarely, if ever, use the R-word again. Or, it will be couched in some way."

10/12/14 - Native Americans plan to mount largest-ever Redskins protest at Vikings game              Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National

10/12/14 - Disgraced, Soon-To-Be-Former Navajo Nation President Attends 'Skins Game          Arizona/Washington, D.C./National
04/11/14 - Navajo Nation Council opposes use of Washington Redskins moniker 
         Arizona/Washington, D.C./National

10/10/14 - N.J. lawmakers introduce Redskins resolutions, ask retailers to avoid the name            New Jersey/Washington, D.C./National

10/10/14 - Report: Indian booster for Washington Redskins is not an Indian         Washington, D.C./National

10/10/14 - Washington Redskins pay for Natives to attend Cardinals game         Washington, D.C./National

10/10/14 - San Diego State students petition to drop “Aztecs” nickname              California

10/09/14 - Stand Against ‘Redskins’  Team Name Gains High School Newspaper Editors ACLU Award    Neshaminy school district, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

10/08/14 - Arizona media should ban the 'R-word'           Arizona/Washington, D.C./National

10/08/14 - One Man's Opinion: The problem with the 'R' word? A Muskogee/Creek Indian explains it all for you         Washington, D.C./National

10/08/14 - One high school's insane quest to make students print 'redskins'       Neshaminy school district, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

10/08/14 - Saranac school board forgoes additional discussion on "Redskins" mascot change         Saranac, Michigan
"There is no plan to change the mascot... the mascot wasn't included because (it) really doesn't warrant more discussion."  School Supt. Maury Geiger

10/08/14 - Wiscasset selectmen approve request to change "Redskin" road name to that of  area tribe           Maine

10/08/14 - Bullying Native American Children through Racial Mascots         Washington, D.C./National
Article from Nonprofit Quarterly  

10/07/14 - Washington NFL team invited to debate nicknames at U of M          Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National  

10/07/14 - Awareness week set before Minnesota-Washington football game          Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National  

10/07/14 - Saranac Community Schools tackle use of an ethnic slur for its sports teams' name       Michigan

10/06/14 - The NFL is Teaching Us How To Bully Native American Children         Washington, D.C./National  
Children exposed to bullying in the form of racial slurs and behavior - Article from Psychology Today

10/06/14 - Law professor's Redskins complaint picks up steam            California/Washington, D.C./National  

09/30/14 - FCC considering move to ban NFL Redskins team name         Washington, D.C./National  

09/29/14 - Wiscasset selectmen to deal with ‘Redskins’ issue — again           Maine
Residents of newly minted Redskins Drive have asked the name be changed to Micmac Drive.

09/27/14 - Budweiser Investigating Washington NFL Team For Selling Stale Beer At Stadium         Washington, D.C./National  

09/27/14 - How to stop defending DC’s terrible NFL mascot          Washington, D.C./National

09/26/14 - View The Daily Show segment "The Redskins Name: Catching Racism"           Washington, D.C./National
Jason Jones speaks with Native American activists and devoted football fans about the Redskins' controversial logo. (7:19)

09/26/14 - Team name not only thing that's outdated: the "Redskins" sell beer that has ‘passed its freshness date’          Washington, D.C./National
Washington NFL team also called out after  exploiting 9/11 for profit and selling old peanuts packaged for a bankrupt airline

09/24/14 - South Park shreds Dan Snyder and his NFL team's ethnic slur nickname           Washington, D.C./National
View the South Park episode "Go Fund Yourself" where the boys name their new start-up company, The Washington Redskins.

09/24/14 - Coalition Members Fight to Ban Washington Redskins' Name at TCF Bank Stadium           Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National

09/24/14 - CBS NFL analyst Phil Simms will not use the nickname for Washington’s football team on Thursday Night Football      Washington, D.C./National

09/24/14 - NBA legend Phil Jackson says Washington NFL team's derogatory nickname should go         Washington, D.C./National

09/24/14 - Native American descendants press Neshaminy School Board to stop using ‘Redskins’ name                Bucks County, Pennsylvania

09/24/14 - Penn State Law to Host Discussion On Redskins Name Controversy               Pennsylvania

09/24/14 - Wiscasset's Redskin's Drive Offensive to the Penobscot Nation            Maine
09/24/14 - Why Go There?  Newspaper Editorial Calls Upon Wiscasset Board of Selectmen to Change Ethnic Slur Street Name            Maine

09/23/14 - Editors at Neshaminy High School shouldn’t be disciplined for not using the ‘R-word’                Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Editorial from the Washington Post

09/23/14 - D.C. Council considers bill to ban Indian mascots at schools            Washington, D.C.

09/23/14 - Native American tribe in Oklahoma asking employees to boycott business over NFL mascot     Oklahoma/Washington, D.C./National

09/22/14 -   Why news organizations are abandoning the Redskins          Washington, D.C./National
The media mostly avoids Washington’s football team name

Why news organizations are abandoning the Redskins

The media mostly avoids Washington’s football team name

- See more at: http://www.cjr.org/full_court_press/redskins_name_news.php#sthash.PHKXzh1e.dpuf

09/22/14 - South Park Slams Dan Snyder & Washington Redskins in Season 18 Promo (Video)          Washington, D.C./National

09/20/14 - Calif. students reach goal to aid Neshaminy                Bucks County, Pennsylvania/California/National
09/20/14 - Fundraiser for Playwickian editors hits goal in two days             Bucks County, Pennsylvania/California/National

09/19/14 - Maine tribe weighs legal action against Wiscasset for approving ‘Redskin’s Drive’            Maine

09/19/14 - The Daily Show springs tense showdown with Native Americans on Redskins fans             Washington, D.C./National

09/18/14 - Public school makes some changes but still OK with use of its ethnic slur "Redskins" nickname         Michigan

09/18/14 - Etsy expands on Redskins ban as pressure over team name grows       Global/Washington, D.C./National

09/18/14 - High school newspaper editor suspended for refusal to use the term ‘redskin     Bucks County, Pennsylvania
“It may be possible to get dumber people on a school board, but I don’t how you go about it.”   Adam Goldstein, attorney for the Student Press Law Center

09/17/14 - Free the Playwickian - Indiegogo project by CA students raises funds for PA student newspaper and suspended teacher           National/CA/PA

09/17/14 - Faculty advisor and student newspaper editor suspended for defying administrative orders with Redskins ban     Bucks County, Pennsylvania
09/17/14 -
Neshaminy students get support from Calif.     Bucks County, Pennsylvania/California

09/16/14 - Lawmaker to introduce bill to end NFL’s tax-exempt status because of Redskins name       Washington, D.C./National

09/16/14 - Native Americans ramp up pressure on NFL over Redskins name       Washington, D.C./National

09/13/14 - Debate over Redskins name is reignited in Lancaster         New York

09/11/14 - Former Washington NFL team member Terry Crews thinks team should change its name       Washington, D.C./National

09/10/14 - FCC head: Redskins name ‘derogatory’        Washington, D.C./National

09/10/14 - Neshaminy journalists who fought to ban use of ethnic slur in student newspaper to be honored by ACLU      Bucks County, Pennsylvania

09/09/14 - Etsy Bans Redskins Products From Its Website Over Offensive Name       Global/Washington, D.C./National

09/08/14 - Protests Over Redskins Name Continue       Texas/Washington, D.C./National

09/07/14 - Observer to avoid use of Washington NFL team’s nickname        North Carolina/Washington, D.C./National
09/07/14 - Charlotte Observer won’t use Washington name  
      North Carolina/Washington, D.C./National

09/07/14 - Local Native Americans to protest in Houston over Washington Redskins' name        Texas/Washington, D.C./National

09/05/14 - The 2,128 Native American Mascots People Aren’t Talking About        Washington, D.C./National

09/05/14 - ADL Signs Letter Urging Broadcasters To Avoid Using The Name 'Redskins'        Washington, D.C./National
Anti-defamation group shares same religious faith as Washington NFL team owner Dan Snyder

09/04/14 - Law professor's complaint threatens Redskins radio coverage         Virginia/Washington, D.C./National

09/04/14 - Redskins gear stiff-armed by fans       Washington, D.C./National
Sales of Washington NFL team items plunged 35% in the most recent quarter, despite a 3% rise in sales of NFL merchandise overall

09/03/14 - N.Y. Daily News to stop using "Redskins" name and logo in sports coverage      New York/ Washington, D.C./National
09/03/14 - New York Daily News article - Sack the name       New York/ Washington, D.C./National
The Daily News will no longer refer to the Washington professional football team by its unacceptable nickname

09/03/14 - Native American coalition urging broadcasters not to use Redskins name         Washington, D.C./National
09/03/14 - Letter from Native American coalition to broadcasters requesting they stop using Redskins name   
      Washington, D.C./National
09/03/14 - Press release from Change The Mascot on Native American coalition letter to broadcasters   
      Washington, D.C./National

09/02/14 - Washington has everything to lose         Washington, D.C./National

09/02/14 - Washington' nickname controversy        Washington, D.C./National

09/02/14 - Why use of Native American nicknames is an obvious affront        Washington, D.C./National

09/02/14 -
Why Your Team Sucks 2014: Washington Redskins        Washington, D.C./National
(Article includes some profanity)
09/02/14 - Why the Redskins Will Never Be Called Anything Else        Washington, D.C./National
(Article includes some profanity)

08/29/14 - The Dalles becomes latest Oregon school to drop Native American mascot   Oregon

08/28/14 - Coalition gathering strength to oppose Redskins at Gophers' stadium       Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National
08/28/14 - Group Wants 'Redskins' Name Kept out of Stadium       Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National

08/27/14 - The Assassinating of Native American Voices by the Cowards Palin, Ditka and Snyder            Washington, D.C./National

08/26/14 - Wiscasset moving backward; Redskin’s name not appropriate        Maine

08/26/14 - Native Americans spread the word to nonnatives: Don't wear traditional headdresses        National

08/26/14 - California group launches campaign to end use of 'R•dsk*ns' name          California/Washington, D.C./National

08/23/14 - Greg Gumbel stopped using Washington’s team name years ago            Washington, D.C./National

08/22/14 - Washington Post editorials will no longer use ‘Redskins’ for the local NFL team            Washington, D.C./National
08/22/14 - Change the Mascot Praises The Washington Post for Decision to End its Use of the Washington NFL Team’s Offensive R-Word Name

08/21/14 - Outrageous disgrace in Maine as elected officials OK use of ethnic slur for new street name      Wiscasset, Maine

08/21/14 - Louis Sockalexis biographer to speak on "Chief Wahoo" at Cuyahoga County Public Library Aug. 27     Cleveland, Ohio/National

08/20/14 - Ex-NFL ref Mike Carey found Redskins name offensive, asked off games            Washington, D.C./National

08/18/14 - California lawmakers vote to urge Washington Redskins name change          California/Washington, D.C./National

08/11/14 - Tribal member says Dan Snyder dismissed name complaint           New Mexico/Washington, D.C./National

08/11/14 - Dan Snyder Seeks Original Native American Art to Redwash Foundation           New Mexico/Washington, D.C./National

08/11/14 - Like an Old Soldier Maybe the Redskin's Mascot Will Slowly Fade Away            Washington, D.C./National

08//10/14 - ‘We’re in this until the name changes': Debate over Washington Redskins more intense than ever            Washington, D.C./National

08/09/14 - University of Minnesota campaign against Redskins nickname draws praise       Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National 

08/08/14 - Some Native Americans infuriated as Snyder digs in even deeper on 'Redskins' name            Washington, D.C./National

08/08/14 -How Dan Snyder Bought Off The D.C. Media           Washington, D.C./National

08/08/14 - Hampton Stevens: Kansas City Chiefs should lead the way and take a new name         Kansas/National

08/07/14 - Alabama-Coushatta Tribe responds to Mark Moseley, saying it does not support the Redskins name       Alabama/Washington, D.C./National

08/07/14 - U. of Minn. president aims to block ‘Redskins’ name from stadium, promotions        Minnesota/Washington, D.C./National 

08/07/14 - Gene Simmons on Redskins: I Wouldn’t Want a ‘Sports Team Called the Kykes’        Washington, D.C./National 

08/07/14 - Native American Groups Ask Twitter, Facebook, and Google to Remove Washington NFL Accounts     Global/Washington, D.C./National 

08/06/14 - Cleveland Indians should drop team name and Chief Wahoo, senator says        Ohio

08/05/14 - About Time: Philanthropic Leader Speaks Out on Dan Snyder’s Foundation        Washington, D.C./National 

08/05/14 - Redskins name needs to be changed          Massachusetts/Washington, D.C./National 

08/05/14 - Native Americans: Daniel Snyder pushes 'bigotry' tactic        Washington, D.C./National 

08/05/14 - O’Malley says it ‘probably is time’ for the Washington Redskins to get a new name        Washington, D.C./National 

08/04/14 - Change the Mascot Campaign Responds to Washington Team Owner Dan Snyder’s Defense of R*dskins Name    Washington, D.C./National 
08/04/14 - Snyder digs in even deeper on name of team                Washington, D.C./National

08/01/14 - Washington Redskins name change: A red-hot issue of race, money and politics                Washington, D.C./National 

08/01/14 - Indian Education Association opposes Berlin's continuing use of Indian mascot        Wisconsin

08/01/14 - Tribe in Mont. removes “half-breed” terminology        Montana

07/31/14 - Fact checking the new Web site, ‘RedskinsFacts.com                Washington, D.C./National 
Washington Post gives Washington NFL team's propaganda website next to lowest rating for truthfulness
07/31/14 - New 'Redskins Facts' "fan site" has factual questions, possible Redskins ties               Washington, D.C./National 

07/31/14 - School Board hears request to change Venice 'Indian' mascots      Florida

07/29/14 - Who’s Behind the New Washington Football Team Website?                Washington, D.C./National 

07/28/14 - Redskins name gets even harder for Daniel Snyder to defend              Washington, D.C./National 
Editorial from the Washington Post

07/28/14 - Letter to Dan Snyder takes issue with Redskins message              Washington, D.C./National 

07/24/14 - Ted Nugent calls Wisconsin residents trying to cancel his show 'unclean vermin'              Washington, D.C./National 

07/24/14 - Racist Rocker Ted Nugent Dumped Yet Again by an American Indian Casino              Washington, D.C./National 

07/21/14 - Idaho Indian Tribe Drops Ted Nugent Citing Rocker’s Racist Legacy        Idaho/National

07/22/14 - How Washington's Football Team Creates A Hostile Environment For Native American Students         Washington, D.C./National 
07/22/14 - View and download complete report on hurtful impacts of "Indian" mascots on Native children by visiting:  Missing the Point    

07/18/14 - Washington NFL team tries to bribe American Indian tribe with a skate park     California/Washington, D.C./National
California tribe tells NFL team "we know bribe money when we see it." 

07/16/14 - Phoenix streets using 'Squaw' in name might be changed    Arizona
Streets near Piestewa Peak, named in honor of Lori Piestewa, the first known American Indian woman to die in combat with the U.S. military, still use term demeaning Native women

07/15/14 - Native Americans urge Redskin name change       Oklahoma/Washington, D.C./National 

07/15/14 - Federal judge won't use 'Redskins' in court, documents         Washington, D.C./National 

07/15/14 - Activist shareholders denied vote on FedEx's association with Washington Redskins         Washington, D.C./National 

07/14/14 - Former Washington, DC, NFL Player, Now Football Coach at Howard University, OK with Changing Team's Name    Washington, D.C./National
At the end of the day, it’s just a name....The name isn’t going to change loyalty, so why does it matter so much?   Just make the change"  - Fred Dean

07/10/14 - Baseball Game Incident has Giants Considering Ban on Fake Headdresses         California//Washington, D.C./National 

07/10/14 - Time for the Redskins to get more offensive         Washington, D.C./National 

07/09/14 - Washington Redskins Controversy Reignites Call for Native American Treaty Reform         New York/Washington, D.C./National 

07/09/14 - Redskins name is civil and human rights issue         Washington, D.C./National 

07/08-14 - Ben Tribbett’s Hypocrisy and Resignation         Washington, D.C./National 
07/08/14 - Blogger who was hired to defend Redskins tweets his resignation   
     Washington, D.C./National 

07/06/14 - Washington’s blogger-turned-lobbyist faces scrutiny         Washington, D.C./National 
The latest blunder by a franchise that has authored over the last year and a half an excellent case study on how not to handle P.R. problems

07/03/14 - Ramsey: Gold medalist Billy Mills opposes racist Redskins moniker     Colorado/Washington, D.C./National
07/03/14 -
KU track great Billy Mills speaks out against Washington nickname     Kansas/Washington, D.C./National

07/02/14 - Can students be forced to use the “R” (as in “Redskin”) word?   Neshaminy School District, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
According to the U.S. Census, Bucks County, PA, is 90% white (compared to 83.5% white statewide) and has only .3% American Indian and Alaska Native alone

07/02/14 - 5 sports team name changes the Washington Redskins can learn from      Washington, D.C./National

07/02/14 - Can students be forced to use the “R” (as in “Redskin”) word?   Neshaminy School District, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
According to the U.S. Census, Bucks County, PA, is 90% white, non-Hispanic

06/30/14 - Neshaminy officials could use some schooling   Neshaminy School District, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Reader comments to this article are typical and perfectly illustrate ignorant, selfish, and hateful ethnocentric attitudes

06/30/14 - No more racist sports names       Tennessee/ Washington, D.C./National 

06/29/14 - Editorial: Connecticut schools should change offensive team names           Connecticut

06/28/14 - NFL's Redskins nickname has to go       Georgia, Washington, D.C./National 

06/27/14 - Neshaminy School Board: Student Paper Editors Can’t Ban "Redskins" Slur       Bucks County, Pennsylvania

06/27/14 - Western Canada high changes Redmen to Redhawks    Calgary, Canada

06/27/14 - The U.S. military’s racial slur of Native Americans       Washington, D.C./National 

06/27/14  - Team owners and fans: Mom says, just change the mascot names    Arizona/Washington, D.C./National 

06/27/14  - Hudson: A name change is long overdue     Massachusetts/Washington, D.C./National 

06/26/14 - Dan Snyder, you need to do this      Indiana/Washington, D.C./National 

06/26/14 - 'Redskins' trademark decision strikes chord with social work professor    New York/Washington, D.C./National 

06/26/14 - Hudson: When it comes to name, Redskins deserve a penalty      Massachusetts/Washington, D.C./National 

06/25/10 - Detroit News Bans Use Of ‘Redskins’ Team Name      Michigan/Washington, D.C./National 

06/25/14 - Native American group planning $9 billion lawsuit against the Cleveland "Indians" MLB team    Cleveland, Ohio/National

06/25/14 - Woman behind fight against Washington’s NFL nickname says Chiefs should be on guard    Kansas/National

06/25/14 - Time has come to eliminate racial slur in NFL team’s name      Canada/Washington, D.C./National 

06/25/14 - What’s in a name?      Canada/Washington, D.C./National 

06/25/14 - Neshaminy Schools Close to Banning Students’ “Redskins” Ban   Bucks County, Pennsylvania
"makes the Neshaminy school board a fine defender of the term “Redskins” while being a lousy educator."

06/25/14 - Merlene Davis: American Indian racial slurs are never a 'badge of honor'      Kentucky/Washington, D.C./National 

06/24/14 - Activist group targets FedEx over Washington NFL team name       Washington, D.C./National 

06/24/14 - OUR VIEW: Let's leave history in the past      New York/Washington, D.C./National

06/24/14 - Redskins’ Is Bad Business        Washington, D.C./National 

06/24/14 - Gene Collier: Everything ‘Redskins’ must go   Pennsylvania/ Washington, D.C./National

06/23/14 - Native Groups Look to Retire the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo     Cleveland, Ohio/ Washington, D.C./National

06/23/14 - Neshaminy school students in Bucks County, PA getting education in Orwell, "1984"      Pennsylvania

06/23/14 - When Slang Becomes a Slur        Washington, D.C./National                       
The linguist who testified against the Redskins in their trademark proceedings explains why the team's name can't be separated from historical hatreds

06/23/14 - Anthropologist: Offensive term should be banned for good      Washington, D.C./National

06/23/14- Editorial: Connecticut schools should change offensive team names   Connecticut

06/20/14 - Decades of use doesn’t change the fact that the name Redskins is a slur         New York/ Washington, D.C./National

06/20/14 - Lancaster In Research Phase of Name Change Discussions   New York

06/19/14 - Shareholders Say Washington DC NFL Team Name Presents Heightened Reputational Risks to Stadium Sponsor FedEx  Washington, D.C./National
FedEx Increasingly Embroiled in Ongoing Controversy over “Redskins” Name
06/19/14 - From Redskins to Redhawks: Why one Washington high school changed team name after 88 years
    State of Washington/ Washington, D.C./National
06/19/14 - Seattle Times: We won't use Redskins name in our newspaper
    State of Washington/ Washington, D.C./National
06/19/14 - Redskins: Univ. of Miami offers to help Washington NFL franchise with name change    Ohio/ Washington, D.C./National
06/19/14 - Redskins’ Trademark Loss Seen as Chance for New Brand
    Washington, D.C./National
06/19/14 - Redskin ruling brings back ULM mascot memories   Louisiana/ Washington, D.C./National

This past athletic season saw the biggest revenue so far, raking in $1.6 million — a big jump from the $640,445 in 2005-06, the final year of the former "Indians" nickname.
06/19/14 - The other benefit of rebranding:  potential to cash in on new merchandise     Washington, D.C./National
06/19/14 - Local Tribes Want Redskins to Change Name   Nevada/ Washington, D.C./National
06/19/14 -
Redskins Trademark Ruling Gives Goodell Way to Change Stance    Washington, D.C./National
06/19/14 - The question is not whether the football team will change its name, but when and how   Washington, D.C./National

06/19/14 - John McGrath: Dan Snyder’s take on Redskins’ name change is built on lies    Washington, D.C./National
06/19/14 -
Editorial: Time to change name of D.C.'s football team    Colorado/ Washington, D.C./National
06/19/14 - Editorial: Time running out for 'Redskins' nickname
   Michigan/ Washington, D.C./National
06/19/14 - Redskins Trademarks canceled, Wahoo should be next: Editorial cartoon
   Ohio/ Washington, D.C./National

06/19/14 - Principal of Neshaminy public school using racist mascot confiscates student newspapers that refused to print racial slur     Bucks County, Pennsylvania

06/18/14 - Redskins' latest loss will only increase pressure    Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 - A slur  by any  other name  is still a slur    Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 -
Slurs Don’t Deserve Trademark Protection   Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 - Board rules for dictionary over 'Redskins’ feeble attempts to defend team name    Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 - U.S. patent office cancels Redskins trademark registration, says name is disparaging
    Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 - Redskins nickname needs to go. Now!
    Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 - Putting Washington's trademark to rest is a good start
    Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 - Full text of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decision
    Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 - Change the Mascot Press Release on U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Decision
    Washington, D.C./National           
06/18/14 - Time to retire Redskins, other Native American nicknames: Editorial
    Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 - United Church of Christ Applauds U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Decision on Washington NFL Team Trademark
     Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 -
'Redskins' Running Out of Downs     Washington, D.C./National
06/18/14 - 'Redskins' Revoked a Second Time, but in a New Climate     Washington, D.C./National

Times have changed since the last time the team faced trademark trouble.

06/18/14 - Port Townsend school out ahead of Redskins debate    State of Washington, Washington, D.C./National

06/18/14 - Student journalists, administrators battle over use of 'Redskins' in high school publication  Bucks County, Pennsylvania
At Neshaminy High, student journalists, administrators clash over use of nickname. 

06/18/14 - The 450 Companies That Still Have Indian Mascots    Washington, D.C./National   

06/17/14 -Hampton Roads:  It's long past time for Washington's NFL team to hail a new nickname    Virginia/Washington, D.C./National

06/17/14 - A 'Redskin' Is the Scalped Head of a Native American, Sold, Like a Pelt, for Cash     Washington, D.C./National

06/17/14 - U.S. Sen. Harry Reid won’t attend Redskins games unless nickname changes     Washington, D.C./National

06/16/14 - Esquire: Sometimes There Are Easy Solutions. Just Change the Name of Your Football Team, Washington     Washington, D.C./National
There is an easy way out, here. For no real reason, Dan Snyder is ignoring it.

06/16/14 - Lingerie Football Team Revokes 'Redskins' Name   Washington, D.C./National

06/14/14 - Mid-Atlantic United Church of Christ leaders vote to boycott Redskins games and gear   Washington, D.C./National
06/14/14 - Church group latest to boycott Redskins over name
   Washington, D.C./National

06/10/14 - Anti-Redskins ad to air during NBA Finals   Washington, D.C./National
06/10/14 - Yocha Dehe Tribe to Air TV Ad Against R-dskins Name in Seven Major Markets During NBA Championship Game
   Washington, D.C./National

06/09/14 - Battle over nickname continues   Washington, D.C./National

06/04/14 - Survey Shows 67 Percent of Native Americans Say ‘Redskins’ Is Offensive      Washington, D.C./National
The survey's findings from The Center for Indigenous Peoples Studies at California State University, San Bernardino

06/04/14 - Redskins ‘Legend’ Tre Johnson Takes Stance Against Team Name    Washington, D.C./National

06/04/14 - School mascots shouldn’t invoke racial stereotype    Maine
Nicknames should be labels of pride for all students

06/04/14 - Maine school mascots should avoid racial stereotypes    Maine
Even if meant to honor, nicknames that invoke Native Americans more often dehumanize.

06/03/14 - The Great Redskins Name Debate of….1972?    Washington, D.C./National

06/03/14 - Battle over Redskins is about more than political correctness    Washington, D.C./National

06/02/2014 - Who Owns the ‘Redskins’?      Washington, D.C./National

06/01/14 - The battle over the Redskins’ name is about the exploitation of a stereotype for profit    Washington, D.C./National

05/30/14 - Tribal leader turns down Redskins' invite   Nevada/Washington, D.C./National

05/28/14 - Full text of letter sent to all NFL players from the Oneida Indian Nation, the National Congress of American Indians, and 76 other Native American, civil rights, and religious organizations urging retirement of the racial slur used as a name by the Washington, D.C., team        Washington, D.C./National

05/28/14 - Another headache for Snyder: 1933 news article refutes cherished tale that Redskins were named to honor Indian coach   Washington, D.C./National

05/28/14 - ADL joins effort to protest ‘Redskins’ team name      Washington, D.C./National

05/28/14 - How will pending trademark ruling impact Redskins name?      Washington, D.C./National

05/28/14 - Belmont New Hampshire school board OKs its schools' continued use of stereotyped "Indian" nickname and logo   New Hampshire

05/27/14 - NFL players asked to support Redskins name change    Washington, D.C./National   
05/27/14 - Numerous Organizations Ask NFL Players To Support Washington Football Team Name Change    Washington, D.C./National
Letter sent to all NFL players from the Oneida Indian Nation, the National Congress of American Indians, and 76 other Native American, civil rights, and religious organizations
05/27/14 - Press release from Change the Mascot announcing letter being sent to all NFL players    Washington, D.C./National

05/25/14 - Steve Solloway: Redskins nickname should be changed     Maine/Washington, D.C./National

05/25/14 - Cut your losses, Washington Redskins, and sack the slur     Washington, D.C./National

05/24/14 - Belmont student activists to discuss 'Red Raiders' issue with school board Tuesday   New Hampshire

05/23/14 - Super Bowl winning coach Mike Holmgren says Redskins ‘absolutely’ should change their name    Washington, D.C./National

05/22/14 - Former Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chairperson renews push for NFL ban on Redskins name   Washington, D.C./National
05/22/14 - Maria Cantwell explains the Senate’s letter to the NFL about the Redskins   Washington, D.C./National

05/22/14 - Citing N.B.A. Example, Senators Urge N.F.L. to Act on Redskins’ Name     Washington, D.C./National

05/22/14 - School board to determine fate of ‘Red Raiders’ at Belmont     New Hampshire

05/21/14 - Sterling Ban Provides Perfect Chance for Goodell to Act on Snyder Controversy     Washington, D.C./National

05/20/14 - Assembly passes resolution on NFL nickname     New York

05/20/14 - ND tribal leaders want sanctions over T-shirts      North Dakota

05/19/14 - Former UND Logo Raises Diversity Concerns     North Dakota
Two hundred people gathered on the UND campus Friday to protest the shirts and the school's reaction

05/19/14 - Native Americans: We're not your mascots     National

05/18/14 - Mayor condemns 'Siouxper Drunk' shirts     North Dakota

05/16/14 - UND T-shirt incident latest in string, school trying to respond     North Dakota

05/15/14 - Does the use of Native American mascots lead to racist debacles like ‘Siouxper Drunk’?            North Dakota/National  

05/13/14  -College president condemns 'Siouxper drunk' Indian head T-shirts    North Dakota      Statement from UND President Robert Kelley
05/13/14  -
'Siouxper Drunk' shirts at the University of North Dakota spark outrage    North Dakota

05/12/14 - Why forcing a student newspaper to use a racial slur is wrong on so many levels    Pennsylvania
Follow this link to read more and support the students by sending an email to the school board and school superintendent

05/12/14 - University of North Dakota president condemns T-shirts showing Indian head logo with beer bong    North Dakota
05/12/14 - "Siouxper Drunk" Shirts Cause Outrage    North Dakota

05/09/14 - A tale of two podiums     Washington, D.C./National
"the NFL commish looks particularly gutless by continuing to support Daniel Snyder’s insistence not to change the name of Washington’s football team."

05/09/14 - What the NFL Doesn't Want You to Think About     Washington, D.C./National

05/09/14 - Waxman calls for hearing on 'derogatory' Redskins name     Washington, D.C./National   

05/07/14 - Student newspaper staff implores Neshaminy board to reject policy preventing their paper from banning use of ‘Redskins      Pennsylvania

05/07/14 - Clarence Page: Now it’s Redskins owner’s turn      Washington, D.C./National

05/07/14 -Editors Of Student Paper Fight To Ban Use Of School Mascot Name    Pennsylvania

05/06/14 - Can Student Journalists Ban 'Redskins' From Their School Paper?     Pennsylvania

05/06/14 - State lawmakers seek removal of “Redskins” as NFL team’s mascot     New York/Washington, D.C./National

05/06/14 - Former Redskins player Jason Taylor says Redskins name is offensive      Washington, D.C./National

05/05/14 - After Sterling, NY lawmakers stand with Oneida Indian Nation call to ban R-word from NFL   New York/California/Washington, D.C./National

05/05/14 - School board votes to prevent student newspaper from banning Redskins mascot     Pennsylvania

05/05/14 - Redskins not only team targeted for Indian nickname   National

05/04/14 - Chief Wahoo protest sparks questions for other Native American-themed teams: The Lineup    Oregon/National

05/02/14 - Vikings: American Indian advocate Joey Browner says NBA has set example for Redskins    Minnesota/California/Washington, D.C./National

05/02/14 - Sen. John McCain would 'probably change' Redskins name    Arizona/California/Washington, D.C./National

05/01/14 - Pennsylvania School Proposes Policy to Force Use of Slur    Pennsylvania

05/01/14 - Former Washington, D.C. NFL team player London Fletcher started feeling ‘a little bit uneasy’ about Redskins name     Washington, D.C./National

04/30/14 - NFL Redskins name 'racist': US Senate leader   Washington, D.C./National

04/30/14 - In Bucks County, Pa., school board overrides student newspaper’s ban on use of ‘Redskins    Pennsylvania

04/29/14  - Native Americans press Nike to drop Cleveland Indians’ mascot   Oregon

04/25/14 - Neshaminy again implored to change Redskins nickname; Native-American parent labels it a 'degrading, derogatory' term 
and vows to continue fight

04/25/14 - Cleveland Fans Confront Racist Traditions    Ohio/National

04/25/14 - Oneida Indian Nation: Dan Snyder’s ‘Living in an Alternate Universe’    Washington, D.C./National

04/23/14 - Dan Snyder Says Critics Of Redskins' Name Should 'Focus On Reality'    Washington, D.C./National

04/20/14 - Appropriating Native images degrading, wrong     New Mexico/National

04/22/14 - Sports digest: Washington owner Dan Snyder again defends team's nickname   Washington, D.C./National

04/16/14 - Study: Teams with Native American mascots end up losing millions   National

04/16/14 - Houston school district bans 'inflammatory' nicknames, including Redskins   Houston, Texas

04/15/14 - HISD reveals new mascots for four schools with Native American ones   Houston, Texas

04/15/14 - Ute Indian Tribe and University Of Utah Agree on Keeping "Ute" Name    Utah
"Other colleges have animals, but we have something special to Utah itself."

04/13/14 - Washington Redskins foundation loses another event sponsor    Arizona/ Washington, D.C./National
The Notah Begay III Foundation pulled its support from this weekend's Arizona golf tournament

04/12/14 - Washington Redskins name change: Native American group pulls sponsorship of charity golf tourney to protest Daniel Snyder foundation
Arizona/ Washington, D.C./National
04/12/14 - Redskins foundation golf event loses sponsor in protest    Arizona/ Washington, D.C./National
"The Native American Gaming Association, which is a non-profit organization that consists of 184 Indian nations as members, decided to withdraw from event sponsorship on Friday after learning that the Redskins foundation also was involved in the golf event."

04/11/14 - Navajo Nation Council opposes NFL team’s name      Arizona/ Washington, D.C./National
04/11/14 - Navajo Nation Council formally opposes Washington Redskins name     Arizona/ Washington, D.C./National

04/11/14 - UN Expert Weighs in on Redskins Controversy   Washington, D.C./National
04/11/14 - UN rights expert calls for 'Washington Redskins' name change
    Washington, D.C./National
04/11/14 - Oneida Indian Nation and National Congress of American Indians Applaud the UN for Condemning the Hurtful Name of Washington’s NFL Team    Washington, D.C./National

04/09/14 - Editorial: Time for Belmont’s Red Raiders to go     New Hampshire

04/09/14 - In Edgewood, an “American Genocide” Mural Takes Aim at the Pigskins   Washington, D.C./National

04/09/14 - Port Townsend students pick Red Hawks as high school's new mascot   Washington

04/09/14 - Sorority apologizes for banner at UND chapter   North Dakota

04/08/14 - An Editorial Cartoon on Native American Mascots Comes to Life in Cleveland  Ohio/National
AISTM.org was the first to recognize and make public the ironic similarity between the "Chief Wahoo" fan photo and 2002 editorial cartoon

04/08/14 - The Fading and Enduring Native American Imagery, Caricatures in Corporate America   National

04/04/14 -  Cleveland Indians fan in redface comes face to face with Native American protestor     Ohio/National
04/04/14 -  Here's A Sad Photo Of An Indians Fan In Redface And A Native American Protester     Ohio/National
04/04/14 -  Native Americans, others protest Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo logo     Ohio/National

04/04/14 -  The first project for Snyder’s foundation: Changing a name   Washington, D.C./National
Editorial by the president of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI).   The NCAI is the largest, oldest and most representative American Indian advocacy organization of its kind.

04/01/14 -  Dan Snyder’s Anti-Public Relations and #CancelColbert   Washington, D.C./National

04/01/14 -  Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed says Chief Wahoo is the 'red Sambo,' calls for city to ban logo from public spaces (VIDEO)    Ohio

04/01/14 -  Demonstrators to target Chief Wahoo at Cleveland Indians home opener    Ohio

03/31/13 -  Maine Voices: Wells High School Indian mascot a sign of disrespect    Maine

03/30/14 -  Hansen: Odd gift links Omaha Tribe to owner who won't give up 'Redskins'   Washington, D.C./National

03/30/14 -  Time to banish all Native American mascots, including Chief Wahoo: Cynthia Connolly    Ohio/National

03/28/14 -  Head of D.C. NFL team’s Native group lost federal contract over ‘unusable’ results   Washington, D.C./National
03/28/14 -  CEO Of Washington Football Team's New Foundation Allegedly Wasted Bureau of Indian Affairs Funds   Washington, D.C./National 
03/28/14 -  Redskins foundation head drew criticism in I.G. report   Washington, D.C./National 
overnment received no benefit, wasted almost $1 million from contract to group headed by CEO of Washington NFL team's "Original Americans Foundation" (OAF)
03/28/14 -  From Philanthropy Today - Head of Redskins’ Native American Charity Drew U.S. Scrutiny   Washington, D.C./National
03/28/14 - Oneida Indian Nation Statement Regarding Revelations Surrounding the Washington NFL Team’s New Foundation   Washington, D.C./National
03/28/14 -  More Trouble for Dan Snyder’s Foundation  Washington, D.C./National
03/28/14 -  Did Dan Snyder Bother to Vet the Guy Running His New Foundation for Native Americans?    Washington, D.C./National
03/28/14 - 
CEO Of Redskins' Foundation Has History Of Swindling Native Americans   Washington, D.C./National

As stores rushed to stock merchandise with Fighting Sioux nickname, logo, UND royalties spiked - See more at: http://www.wdaz.com/event/article/id/23621/#sthash.vh7jBeRG.dpuf
As stores rushed to stock merchandise with Fighting Sioux nickname, logo, UND royalties spiked - See more at: http://www.wdaz.com/event/article/id/23621/#sthash.vh7jBeRG.dpuf
As stores rushed to stock merchandise with Fighting Sioux nickname, logo, UND royalties spiked - See more at: http://www.wdaz.com/event/article/id/23621/#sthash.vh7jBeRG.dpuf
UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname and logo was retired more than a year ago, but T-shirts, water bottles and other merchandise bearing the controversial symbols still can be seen in stores around Grand Forks. - See more at: http://www.wdaz.com/event/article/id/23621/#sthash.vh7jBeRG.dpuf
As stores rushed to stock merchandise with Fighting Sioux nickname, logo, UND royalties spiked - See more at: http://www.wdaz.com/event/article/id/23621/#sthash.vh7jBeRG.dpuf

03/28/14 -  As stores rushed to stock UND merchandize with Fighting Sioux nickname, logo, UND royalties spiked   North Dakota 

03/26/14 -  A University Professor and member of the Comanche tribe, Dr. Cornel Pewewardy pushes to ban Indian mascots  National

03/25/14 - NCAI: True Support Of Indian Country Only Possible If DC Team Changes Name   Washington, D.C./National 
The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is the largest, oldest, and most representative Native American Indian organization of its kind
03/25/14 - Oneida Indian Nation Statement Regarding Foundation Announcement by Washington NFL Team Owner Dan Snyder   Washington, D.C./National
03/25/14 - Bell: Daniel Snyder's charity misses the mark   Washington, D.C./National
03/25/14 - Dan Snyder's Redskins Charity Is His Most Tone-Deaf Sideshow Yet  Washington, D.C./National
03/25/14 - Baffoe: Daniel Snyder Wrote Another Awful Letter   Washington, D.C./National

03/25/14 - Latest nickname outreach is a step, but without a direction   Washington, D.C./National
03/25/14 - Dan Snyder Can’t Bribe Dictionaries When it Comes to Racial Slur Name of His Football Team   Washington, D.C./National
03/25/14 - Here, Take This Coat   Washington, D.C./National
Washington owner Dan Snyder’s cynical new effort to squelch the controversy over his racist team name.
03/25/14 - Co-chair of Congress' Native American Caucus says Snyder's 'scheme' no substitute for changing Redskins' name   Washington, D.C./National
03/25/14 - Congresswoman McCollum's response  to Continued Use of Racist Native American Mascot By NFL Owner Dan Snyder
03/25/14 - What ‘Redskin’ means to an American Indian   Washington, D.C./National  

3m 57s video interview with Kevin Gover, Director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian

03/25/14 - Professor affirms effects of Indian mascots  National

03/21/14 - Loss of Trademark Would Be Final Straw for Washington Redskins' Name   Washington, D.C./National

03/20/14 Time for Skowhegan, Nokomis to answer: What makes your school so special?   Maine

03/19/14 - Ethics, Morality And A Ticking Clock For How To Report On The R**skins   Washington, D.C./National

03/19/14 - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reject another product with “Redskin” in the name  Washington, D.C./National

03/16/14 - At Onondaga, spiritual leader of the Six Nations agrees: Time for Washington to retire 'Redskins'   New York/Washington, D.C./National

03/16/14 - Schools,Tribes Take Closer Look at Native American Depictions  Idaho

03/15/14 - Native American leaders, allies protest race-based mascots  Wisconsin

03/15/14 - Navajo lawmaker’s bill opposes NFL mascot  Arizona/Washington, D.C./National

03/11/14 - Maryland delegates propose resolution urging Redskins to change team name  Maryland/Washington, D.C./National

03/11/14 - Pelosi: Trademark office should reject Redskins team name  Washington, D.C./National

03/11/14 - Native American Groups Renew Push To Change Redskins Name  Maryland/Washington, D.C./National

03/11/14 - Resolution and legislation ask Navajo Nation council to oppose offensive sports names   Arizona/Kansas/Washington, D.C./National
Resolution and Draft Legislation

03/11/14 - Only 3 Maine schools still have Indian nicknames; tribal leader praises effort to eliminate them   Maine

03/06/14 - Gov. John Kitzhaber signs tribal mascot bill  Oregon

03/01/14 - Churches propose a boycott of Redskins unless the team changes its name  Washington, D.C./National

02/28/14 - The Newspaper that Invented the Cleveland Indians' Name Comes Out Against the Logo   Ohio
02/28/14 - The Tribe should retire Chief Wahoo once and for all: editorial  Ohio
03/30/12 - Chief Wahoo Through History - A Slideshow Documenting Chief Wahoo With Images and Text   Ohio 

02/28/14 - Mercury News editorial: NFL should start promoting racial tolerance by dropping pejorative nickname    Washington, D.C./National

02/27/14 - Native American Mascots Head to Governor  Oregon
02/27/14 - Bill allowing Native American mascots in Oregon headed to governor's desk  Oregon

02/23/14 - Idaho Native Americans blast ‘offensive’ school mascots  Idaho
02/23/14 - Native Americans Bring Mascot Debate to Idaho Statehouse  Idaho

02/20/14 - Redskins or a new team name? Democrats running for governor in Maryland weigh in.  Maryland/Washington, D.C./National

02/11/14 - Lawmakers step into Redskins name fray  Washington, D.C./National 
Owner Daniel Snyder has vowed to keep the team name
02/11/14 - Sen. Cantwell’s push to force NFL to rename Redskins is right  State of Washington/Washington, D.C./National
The term ‘Redskins’ is used in a disparaging way and its continued use is offensive
02/11/14 - Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole wants NFL's Redskins to change team name   Oklahoma/Washington, D.C./National

02/11/14 -  11 Reasons to Ignore the 10-Year-Old Annenberg Survey About the Washington Football Team’s Offensive Name  Washington, D.C./National

02/11/14 - 
Native American mascots in Oregon: supporters have two days to broker deal with Gov. John Kitzhaber  Oregon

02/11/14 -  Wisconsin Indian Education Association asks schools to drop nicknames, mascots  Wisconsin

02/07/14 - Del. Wilson legislation urges Redskins name change  Maryland/ Washington, D.C./National 
Resolution calls current NFL team name ‘disparaging’

02/02/14 - Goodell Defends R-Word in Pre-Super Bowl Press Conference  Washington, D.C./National 

02/01/14 - Redskins honor Native Americans? How can this sorry franchise honor anyone?  Washington, D.C./National 

01/31/14 - National Congress of American Indians Releases Anti-Redskins Advertisement  Washington, D.C./National  ||  See video here
The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is the largest, oldest, and most representative American Indian advocacy organization of its kind

01/31/14 -National Congress of American Indians: We do not call ourselves Redskins  Washington, D.C./National 

01/31/14 - Oneida Indian Nation Issues Response to Comments by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Washington’s Team Name  Washington, D.C./National

01/31/14 -Marion Barry urges Redskins to drop name in flurry of tweets about racism  Washington, D.C./National  

01/31/14 - Roger Goodell dances around Redskins name question   Washington, D.C./National  
01/31/14 - Roger Goodell Claims 9 out of 10 Native Americans Support Redskins Nickname 
Washington, D.C./National 
01/31/14 - Goodell: Redskins name is 'honorable to Native Americans' 
Washington, D.C./National 
01/31/14 - Most support Redskins keeping name: Goodell  Washington, D.C./National 

01/31/14 - On Seeing Dan Snyder at an Event to Promote Racial Justice  Washington, D.C./National 

01/30/14 - NFL Player's Association DeMaurice Smith says ‘broad discussion’ of Redskins’ name is appropriate   Washington, D.C./National

01/30/14 - Why The Redskins’ Secret Roster Of Republican Advisers Matters  Washington, D.C./National
01/30/14 - The Epic Battle To Save The Most Offensive Team Name In Professional Sports  Washington, D.C./National

01/27/14 - "Proud to Be" - 2 minute Public Service Announcement Video by the National Congress of American Indians and Oneida Indian Nation

01/27/14 - Nez Perce Tribe asks Idaho school districts to change mascots  Idaho

01/24/14 - Oneida leader tells UN that ‘Redskins’ name is human rights issue  Washington, D.C./National/International

01/16/14 - Washington Redskins star DeAngelo Hall agrees with Oneida Indian Nation on name change   Washington, D.C./National
01/16/14 - DeAngelo Hall Says Redskins "Probably Should" Change Name    Washington, D.C./National
01/16/14 - Oneida Indian Nation Congratulates Washington Cornerback DeAngelo Hall for Calling on his NFL Team to Change Its Name  Washington, D.C./National
07/23/13 - Former Syracuse receiver Art Monk says Redskins should 'seriously consider' changing name   Washington, D.C./National

01/16/14 - HISD OKs policy that bans some mascots    Houston, Texas
01/16/14 - HISD board voted 7-0 to approve policy update on mascot change   Houston, Texas

01/16/14 - Chief Wahoo is OK when it comes to my team's traditions -- and other ignoble traditions  Ohio

01/15/14 - Tribal representatives urge Berlin schools to drop Indians nickname, logo   Wisconsin

01/14/14 - Why Republicans Protect the ‘Honor’ of Offensive Team Names    Washington, D.C./National
Conservatives have a convenient belief that when it comes to racism, it’s all about intent

01/14/14 - Cleveland Indians: An End For Chief Wahoo  Ohio

01/14/14 - Win Today, Lose Tomorrow   Washington, D.C./National

01/13/14 - Nepean Redskins are now the Eagles   Ontario, Canada

01/10/14 - 'Redskins' Is Now Officially Considered To Be Offensive And Derogatory According To US Government Agency  Washington, D.C./National

01/10/14 - Three Reasons Why the Cleveland Indians Erred by Not Deemphasizing the Chief Wahoo Logo  Ohio
01/10/14 -
Give Chief Wahoo the Justine Sacco treatment: Fire the racist mascot  Ohio

01/09/14 -  Indians won't have Chief Wahoo as primary logo anymore   Ohio
01/09/14 - Chief Wahoo has not been demoted despite report, say Cleveland Indians 

01/06/14 -  Agency rejects trademark of ‘Redskins Hog Rinds,’ calling term ‘derogatory’   Washington, D.C./National

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12/28/13 - Pennsylvania high school newspaper to resume 'Redskins' ban despite principal's order  Pennsylvania

12/26/13 - Issue of the Week: New Indian Team Name Bill Perpetuates Stereotypes  Wisconsin

12/19/13 - Oneida Indian Nation Applauds Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for Opposing D.C. NFL Team Name  D.C./National

12/19/13 - Gov. Scott Walker signs Indian mascot bill, complicates raising complaints about race-based mascots and nicknames in state schools   Wisconsin
12/19/13 -
Walker says he'll sign mascot bill    Wisconsin

12/17/13 - Walker says he empathizes with opponents of mascot bill  Wisconsin
Walker's comments Tuesday are the strongest signal yet that he may sign the bill making it harder to force public schools to remove race-based mascots

12/16/13 - From Education Week -  Houston School Board Tentatively Bans 'Culturally Insensitive' Mascots  Houston, Texas/National   
 The proposed policy, which the board unanimously approved.

12/13/13 - Houston school board votes to stop using Native American mascot names  Houston, Texas

12/12/13 - National Civil and Human Rights Coalition Calls for Washington Football Team to Drop Offensive Name   Washington, D.C./National
"The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the nation’s premier civil and human rights coalition representing more than 200 diverse national organizations, voted unanimously for a resolution urging the owner of the Washington Redskins to change the team’s offensive name."  Full resolution text at link.

12/09/13 - HISD schools may change mascots at schools that use Native American images  Houston, Texas
12/09/13 - Grier: It's time to retire school mascots that no longer reflect our values  Houston, Texas

12/08/13 - 'Shockingly racist' sign about Chiefs, Redskins brings restaurant apology   Missouri/D.C./National

12/06/13 - Over 60 Clergy Send Letter to Washington Redskins Owner Demanding Name Change  D.C./National

12/06/13 - Why the mascot issue is important for social justice and Native youth  D.C./National
From "The Circle - Native American News and Arts"

12/06/13 - Washington’s Super Bowl drought the product of karma or curse?  D.C./National

12/05/13 - Board Drops Vallejo High Mascot (Analysis)  California

12/04/13 - 61 religious leaders attack Redskins name in letter  D.C./National
"If you use that word about a group of people, you characterize them as less than human...You have stripped them of their humanity and taken away the likeness of God that is within all of us."

12/03/13 - State senator asks high school to change its mascot  Texas

12/02/13 - Selling Hate to Children: Snyder and the NFL's Problem of Marketing 'Redskin'  D.C./National

12/02/13 - Another Front in the Redskins' Name-Change Battle: Cleveland?  Cleveland, Ohio/D.C./National

11/29/13 - Native American Mascot Issues Spreading to K-12 Schools  National

11/28/13 - Protesters Use Thanksgiving To Push Anti-Redskins Message In Detroit   Michigan/D.C./National

11/26/13 - Native American Tribal Leaders Call On Redskins To Change Their Name  D.C./National

11/26/13 - Oneida Indian Nation to air Thanksgiving radio ads in Detroit and Baltimore - Michigan/Maryland/D.C./National

11/26/13 -  The Movement is Growing   National

11/26/13 -  Redskins Owner Dan Snyder Says ‘Some of My Best Friends Are Navajo Code Talkers!’  D.C./National
Last night was Dan Snyder’s Thanksgiving gift to America. He told ESPN’s Adam Schefter before the game the name would never change and then hid behind World War II veterans, a profile in cowardice. It does not take a code talker to crack this particular code. Dan Snyder is on the wrong side of history, and his legacy will be more than just year after year of the lousy-to-mediocre football his stewardship has brought. His legacy will be to stand with George Preston Marshall, Tom Yawkey and Kenesaw Mountain Landis on the Mount Rushmore of sports leaders who looked at the idea of racial progress and just said no."

11/26/13 - Redskins criticized over Code Talkers appearance  D.C./National
"In 21 years of litigation, the Washington franchise has not brought into court a single Native nation, organization or person to support its position."

11/25/13 -  Why "Redskins" Is Wrong  Washington, D.C./National
The ACLU is a champion of free speech. The issue here isn't whether Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins has a right to call his team anything he wants. He does. The issue is whether he should perpetuate racism."

11/25/13 -  Dorgan weighs in on ‘Redskins’ debate  North Dakota/D.C./National
Former U.S. Sen. Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota says he opposes the Washington Redskins’ nickname

11/15/13 -  Neshaminy High School’s Editorial Board Challenged on Nixing ‘Redskins’   Pennsylvania/D.C./National

11/12/13 -  Can A Mascot Really Cause Psychological Harm?  - National
2008 -
Of warrior chiefs and Indian princesses: The psychological consequences of American Indian mascots.  Basic and Applied Social Psychology

11/09/13 - Billy Mills: Redskins Name Calls to Mind 'Our Own Holocaust' Redskins Name Calls to Mind 'Our Own Holocaust' - D.C./National
Billy Mills is the only American ever to win the 10,000 meter run Olympic gold medal. His 1964 victory is considered one of the greatest of Olympic upsets.   A former United States Marine, Billy Mills is a member of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Tribe.  Amazing video footage of his final lap victory race.

Question - "If you had a chance to sit down with team owner Daniel Snyder, what do you think you would say? " 

Billy Mills - "If he’s made the comments—I’ve never heard him make them, but I’ve read that he has made them—that he does that to honor us. Without understanding the journey of our country and the Holocaust that Native Americans have gone into—I think he’s in the wrong country making that comment. I think he needs to go to Germany and try to have, likewise, a team with a Jewish symbol as a mascot in Germany to say that’s to honor the Jews. That’s the only parallel that can be made. I would try to compare apples with apples and oranges to oranges."   Dec. 6, 2013 - Olympian Billy Mills to Receive the NCAA Theodore Roosevelt Award   "In 2013, President Barack Obama honored Mills with the Presidential Citizens Medal, which is the second highest honor that the president can award a U.S. citizen. The Theodore Roosevelt Award is considered the NCAA’s highest honor."

11/08/13 - It’s time for Washington’s Redskins to change their name - D.C./National
11/08/13 - Jesse Ventura Joins Hundreds In Minneapolis Rally Against Washington Football Team's Name - Minneapolis/Minnesota/D.C./National
11/07/13 - Indian leaders oppose [Redacted] name as AIM leads protest in Minneapolis  -  
11/07/13 - Hundreds rally in protest of
[Redacted] name ahead of game against Minnesota Vikings [Redacted] name ahead of game against Minnesota Vikings 
11/07/13 - Change the Name protesters march on Metrodome over 'R-word'  
11/07/13 -[Redacted] Name Criticized By Minnesota Governor, Minneapolis Mayor - Minneapolis/Minnesota/D.C./National
11/06/13 - [Redacted] Daniel Snyder meets with Alabama tribe - D.C./National/Alabama
Sleasy Snyder lobbyist contacts tribe that opposes use of Washington NFL team nickname.  Apparent bribe deal in mind
11/05/13 - *by unanimous vote* DC Council urges [Redacted] to change nickname D.C./National
11/05/13 - Oneida Indian Nation Praises D.C. City Council for Taking Strong Stand Against Offensive Name of Washington's NFL Team
11/05/13 - D.C. clergy join push to change [redacted] name   D.C./National

11/05/13 -
[Redacted]  name, logo draws Minn. protests    Minnesota/D.C./National
This Thur. Nov. 7 the group will gather at AIM National Office at 1113 E. Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis at 4:30 p.m., march to stadium at 5:30 p.m. and stage a 6 p.m. rally outside the stadium. Kickoff is just after 7 p.m.|
11/05/13 - 6 Minneapolis City Council members voice disapproval of [Redacted]  name   Minnesota/D.C./National
Article includes text of letter sent by members to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Washington NFL team owner Dan Snyder
11/05/13 -[Redacted] name stuck in perceived past, so let's put it where it belongs     Minnesota/D.C./National
Open Letter to [Redacted] Owner Dan Snyder: Dear Dan, You Can’t Say You Weren’t Warned  Minnesota/D.C./National
Crisp: Washington
[Redacted] can lead in name change    D.C./National
11/03/13 American Indian activists will use this week's Vikings game to rally for Washington team name change     Minnesota/D.C./National
Group planning events for Vikes, Washington game
11/02/13 By defending
[Redacted] name, NFL’s Roger Goodell is on wrong side of history   D.C./National
11/02/13 Leo Roth: [Redacted] nickname is long overdue for a change    D.C./National
11/01/13 [Redacted] name has to go    D.C./National  
Unlike other teams, like the Chiefs or the Braves, there is no ambiguity surrounding the racist nature of the NFL team’s name
10/31/13 We say goodbye to 'Redsk*ns' reference  Oklahoma/D.C./National
Oklahoma Newspaper Joins Other Media in Banning Use of the Word "Redsk*ns" 
10/31/13 Merrill College’s Capital News Service Will No Longer Use the Name [Redacted]  D.C./National

10/31/13 Washington [Redacted] Name Change Would Be a Win-Win for Everyone  D.C./National 
10/30/13 Oneida Nation pushes [Redacted] name change on NFL officials
Oneida, NFL meet about [Redacted]  D.C./National  
*** Note bullying, selfish, irrelevant, and uneducated comments made on this article and the next.

10/30/13 Native American leaders 'disappointed' after meeting with NFL  D.C./National  ***
10/28/13 Clergy join campaign to get Washington [Redacted] to 'Change the Mascot'  D.C./National
10/27/13 Washington team meets ‘Change the mascot’ protest in Denver  D.C./Colorado/National
10/26/13 NFL Officials and Oneida Indian Nation to Meet Next Week About Team Name
10/25/13 Controversy over [Redacted] name travels to Denver for Broncos game - D.C./Colorado/National
10/23/13 Washington [Redacted]: Racist or a sporting exception?  D.C./National
10/18/13 Two radio stations refuse to air Oneida Nation ads on [Redacted] name - D.C./National
10/12/13 5 Reasons National Congress of American Indians' Report Says [Redacted] Is a ‘Racist and Ugly’ Word  D.C./National
10/11/13 American Indian groups plan to challenge NFL team's name at Metrodome  Minnesota
Native American Group: Fight Against [Redacted] About More Than Just The Name  D.C./National
10/10/13 Washington [Redacted] mascot controversy makes Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo look even more stupid and racist D.C./ Ohio/National
Dan Snyder Defends [Redacted] Name In Letter And Calls On Those Offended To Respect His Views  D.C./National
10/09/13 'Change the Mascot' campaign garners support from across the country  D.C./National 
10/07/13 NFL to meet with group to discuss [Redacted] team name  D.C./National 
10/07/13 Tribe seeks to force NFL [Redacted] name change  D.C./National
10/07/13 Oneida Nation pushes for Washington [Redacted] name change as NFL owners gather  D.C./National
10/07/13  Face the Nation,’ ‘This Week’ discuss ‘Redsk*ns’  D.C./National 
10/07/13 GOP Rep. backs President Obama on [Redacted] name change   D.C./National 
10/06/13  Effort to change [Redacted] name gains steam    D.C./National
10/06/13 Obama might change Redsk*ns name if he were owner   D.C./National
10/04/13 Oneida Indian Nation plans symposium on 'Washington Redsk*ns' name at NFL meeting hotel  D.C./National
Never Say Never: Will Dan Snyder Be Forced to Rename the Washington Redskins? - D.C./National
Radnor High School nixes Red Raider mascot  - Pennsylvania
Leonard Pitts: Team names and mascots are no tribute to Native Americans - D.C./National
Fans of teams that exploit and demean Indians are fooling themselves if they think it's an honor.
06/16/13 Redskins Name Change: Is Time Running Out For Racist Team Names? - D.C./National
06/12/13 Enough
- An open letter to Dan Snyder - D.C./National
06/12/13 Idaho high school drops Redskins logo, mascot - Idaho
Redskins name change: Will Congress make team act?
Jeff Bostic strongly defends ‘Redskins’  - D.C./National
05/29/13 The Fight Over the Washington Redskins Moves to Capitol Hill  - 10 lawmakers want the NFL franchise to change its name - D.C.
05/10/13 Redskins owner Daniel Snyder says team will never change name - D.C.
Maine students should protest, end Native American school mascots  Maine
05/07/13 Opinion: Native American nicknames need to be re-evaluated  National
05/07/13 Respect for Native Americans: Sports Fans Should Heed Sly Stone's Advice  National
Bethany Christian opted to change its name from Braves to Bruins  Indiana
Redskins name change to be pushed in new resolution - D.C./National

04/15/13 Don’t reopen mascot issue Senate passes bill easing ban on Native names  Oregon

04/05/13 Start of baseball season renews talk of banning offensive mascot names   National

04/04/13 Dan Snyder should change his team’s name  - Washington, D.C.   Editorial by former Chairman of the Federal  Trade Commisson

04/04/13 Native American mascots: Pride or prejudice?-National

04/04/13 Racist sports mascots condemned -National

03/27/13 The Native American mascot: tribute or disrespect?  - National

03/21/13 AIM presses issue of Ute mascot  - Utah

03/20/13 Bill in Congress challenges Redskins trademark  -  Washington, D.C.

03/07/13 Cooperstown to retire Redskins nickname June 30 - New York

Sexy Indian Costumes on Sale!  - International  - Oxford University's "Pratical Ethics" weighs in on American Indian sports team tokens.

02/24/13 Native American nicknames are hard to justify in today’s world  - National

02/16/13 Cooperstown Redskins prepare to change nickname; grateful Indian tribe to pay for new uniforms  New York

02/16/13 State asks for end to Indian mascots  - Michigan,  Also see: 1988 Recommendations from the Michigan Civil Rights Commission  and 2003 Michigan State Board of Education resolution

02/14/13  What’s In a Name? Native American Groups Press DC’s Football Team for Change  - Washington, D.C.

02/11/13 School removes Indian mascot, responds to possible ban  - Michigan

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05/17/12 Oregon bans Native American mascots in schools  - Oregon

03/29/12 Sanford School Committee delays 'mascot' discussion  Maine
Wabanaki Tribal Governments favor all schools dropping the use of the Redskins mascot

03/26/12 Aptakisic Junior High drops ‘Indian’ mascot in Buffalo Grove  Illinois

03/23/12 'Fighting Sioux' out of sight but never out of mind at North Dakota 

New Challenge to Redskins, Other American Indian Monikers  National

03/22/12 MCLA seeks new ideas for school’s mascot  Massachusetts

03/22/12 Indian mascot dialogue is overdue but could be costly for some schools Oregon

03/21/12 Banks Braves could go by 2017  Oregon
State board is poised to force schools to drop Native American symbols

03/16/12 Ballers, Political Shot Callers and the ‘Show Your Papers’ Movement 
North Dakota
An outbreak of racist taunts continues to be a problem at NCAA basketball games.

03/16/12 Oregon has same divide as UND  Oregon

03/13/12 NCAA Native American Mascot Controversy  National

03/14/12 Voters May Break Up Fight Over 'Fighting Sioux'  North Dakota

 03/09/12  Oregon State Board of Education moves forward on mascot ban  Oregon

 03/09/12 Oregon Considering Banning American Indian Mascots Oregon

 03/09/12  Warriors prepare for name battle  Oregon


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11/06/09  Forum editorial: Quit stalling on UND Sioux logo  North Dakota

11/05/09  Thursday panel wants Chippewa nickname changed  Michigan

10/28/09  When the name game gets offensive  National

10/24/09  NIEA Resolution passes, calling for the elimination of race-based Indian logos & mascots   National  (NIEA - National Indian Education Association)

10/21/09  On the sidelines, the sad symbol of a sorry tradition   D.C.

10/17/09 Fulton begins process of selecting school mascot  New York

10/13/09 Schram: Renaming Redskins a cause we can all support  D.C./National

10/12/09 Still Playing The Name Game - D.C. 's football team fighting to keep its moniker  D.C.

05/15/09 - North Dakota Bars Racist Indian Mascot  North Dakota

03/25/09 End race-based nicknames  Wisconsin

03/24/09  Editorial: Schools must end offensive mascots  Wisconsin

03/22/09 Kenbrook named state Blue Ribbon School  Michigan

03/20/09  Bedford's Jackman Road Elementary named Blue Ribbon school  Michigan

03/18/09  Native American Groups Speak Out On Proposed Mascot Bill  Wisconsin
Legislation Would Allow State Officials To Investigate Claims

03/18/09  School candidate Farquharson says no thanks to Natick Forever  Massachusetts

03/18/09  Race-based mascots = government-endorsed discrimination  Wisconsin
ACLU statement

03/12/09  Carpinteria School Board to Decide Mascot Issue  California

03/10/09  State organizations support anti-mascot bill  Oklahoma

03/10/09  Peoria Tribe representatives travel to campus  Illinois
Leaders to educate on tribe, link UIUC to the Peoria Nation

03/06/09  American Indians celebrate removal of term ‘squaw' from around state

03/02/09  Editorial: Replace Indian nicknames, mascots    Wisconsin

02/27/09  Our View: Sadly, Indian mascot law is needed      Wisconsin

02/24/09  Advocates: Wisconsin could be first state to pass ban on Indian mascots in schools  Wisconsin

02/19/09  Some school nicknames aren't funny  Wisconsin

02/19/09  Native American mascots a concern  New York/National

02/19/09  Does Chief Wahoo Deserve an Antitrust Exemption?  Ohio

02/04/09 Controversy surrounding Carpinteria High School mascot continues   California

02/04/09 Legislation would fine schools using Indian-themed mascots  Wisconsin

02/04/09 Native student protest has diverse roots and reasons  Utah

01/30/09 Tulsa group endorses bill to drop American Indian mascots  Oklahoma

01/29/09 Dozens of people protest against Carpinteria High School mascot  California

01/29/09 End to use of Indian mascot names sought Oklahoma

01/26/09 UND logo, nickname must go North Dakota

01/25/09 Forum editorial: UND logo threatens D-I move  North Dakota

01/22/09 Blue Ribbon wrinkle - American Indian mascot stands in the way for national designation of Saugatuck schools  Michigan

01/17/09 Committee for Restating the Obvious  North Dakota

01/16/09 UND nickname: Resolution committee could meet in February  North Dakota

01/10/09 OUR OPINION: It's time to drop UND nickname and logo  North Dakota

01/09/09 Nickname hampers UND cause  North Dakota

01/09/09 ‘Sioux’ solution may speed up North Dakota

01/07/09 Summit League Not Courting School Due to Nickname North Dakota

01/03/09 Native American school mascot is offensive, demeaning, teen writes  New York

01/09/09 ‘Sioux’ solution may speed up North Dakota

01/07/09 Summit League Not Courting School Due to Nickname North Dakota

01/03/09 Native American school mascot is offensive, demeaning, teen writes  New York





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